Justin will be spending the next two years serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He will be serving in the Chile, Osorno mission and teaching the people of Osorno the gospel. He will spend two months in Mexico City at the Missionary Training Center learning Spanish and being trained as a missionary. In mid August he will leave Mexico and head to Chile. We will be using this blog to post weekly emails and pictures from Justin and to keep you all updated on Justin's adventures in Chile!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Right now i am writing you from some jank Ciber in osorno chile that is playing "Im not gonna write youn a love song" So you can tell its gonna be a really good week. 
Yall this past week was so sweet!!!!! We saw so many blessings and keep seeing blessings, 
Well where to start, ill start with the bad news, one of our really cool investigators that was really progressing and really we saw so many miracles in his life, he dropped us, but hopefully he will realize what he had and how much joy he got from it and will one day come back and the future missionaries will knock his door.
So we found some new people, we found a new family that arent active and moved from more of the south and they want to come back to church and they are awesome and their son isnt baptized but now he has a baptism date and we have plans to baptize him and get their family back, that will be super awesome!
Then mariainez and paulinna are so awesome still and are really progressing, they really are investigators of gold. But whenever they hear something about the church or someone trys to bash it or something, they just come to us and ask us about it and what those people, usually its such lies and myths its unbelievable its way funny! But its awesome they are doing that, So their baptism is scheduled for 7th de may so thats the date that we should all have marked on our calendars, we are feeling really good about it and my comp and i are really happy!
We have had a lot of lessons this week, the Lord has been blessing us so much and it has been a really fast good week! Just is getting freaking cold out here, winter is the worst, but its not that bad cause we have wood!
But im good, oh also sunday i gave a talk, giving talks are always fun! Hope all of you are well!
I love you guys and miss you tons, The church is true! Christ is our savior and he wants The best for us, hes always walking by our side there to help us, we gotta do our part tho!
Love you tons fam!
Peace Out yall!!!
Elder Wertner

Monday, April 18, 2016

Good Week….. Went byeeeeee so fast its kinda unreal how fast the last couple weeks have been going bye, its pretty dang crazy, life kinda just passes ya bye. First off Fleas have been killing me lately, I am so allergic to these things, it would’ve been a joke to say this when I was a younger and think  “One day I will be infested with fleas” never quite imagined that, but here we are hahah, im just trying to learn how not to scratch. Its funny though cause only the gringos get the fleas, all the Chileans don’t have fleas at all. So i´ve just trying to be as Chilean as possible and maybe ill get rid of the fleas one day. But it’s all good, nothing too bad.
Ill tell you what tho, its like my comp and I run the streets around here….. Everyone runs when they see us. Nahhh but today has been a tougher week, it rained literally everyday this past week and all of our appointments fell so that’s not the most fun, so we just walked the streets, knocked doors in the pouring rain and tried to find some people. ¨We are looking that’s forsure, I know for a fact there are people prepared and Heavenly Father is preparing people right now as we speak. Its like in Alma (Alma Chapter 8 I’m pretty sure) When Alma is  preaching to a city and he’s rejected and doesn’t find anyone who wants to hear the good word and he leaves the city and then an angel appears to him and tells him to go back and he does and he finds Amulek who was totally prepared by the Lord and then Amulek helped Alma out and left with him to preach the gospel. Pretty sweet! So forsure there are people prepared! We just gotta find them and listen to the spirit!!
Okay so we knocked like every door this week, but sunday was all worth it. Icalled mariainez and paulinna saturday night (Our Investigators) and was just reminding them for church ya know and was like we are gonna call you sunday at 9 to help you get up and everything like that and she likes it doesnt matter we are going anyways! Sweet so they showed up, on time too, and stayed all three hours! They both loved it and paulinna loved young womens and is gonna go to mutual thursday! SWEEET!
Then we went bye their house sunday evening with two members who they have actually known for a decent amount of time. They came with us and we taught the word of wisdom, im not gonna try and jinx this but they totally just gave up everything they mightve had a problem with before just like that! And the memebrs we were with are so funny, they were making jokes like yeah "we better start filling up the faunt now" and, "you know if you have more sins you have to stay under water longer" and how me and my comp cant be switched areas yet cause we gtta baptize them first and they just laugh and say yes and they will be baptized the 7th of may. The date had to change a little bit cause of certain stuff but we prayed about it and its totally meant to be and they are really excited and said yes right away when we asked them this. So happy and it was awesome to hear them tell us after they went to church and they were just like "what you guys believe is not anything close to what all the other people say about the mromons and your religion and how you worship Joseph Smith andhave a rug where you walk on Jesus face when you come to church" we just laughed it is good to hear that and see they are understanding a lot more now!
Very very stoked! dont are that the whole time were just walking and knocking doors cause if these are the poeple who are prepared in this time for right now, im way excited, cause they lord is really blessing all of us!
this week is cambios so it will be a lot of working and running around and all the new people come, should be fun!
Love you All!
Elder Wertner

Monday, April 11, 2016

Whats up yall!!!
(For the subject if yall didnt know my comp is from pleasanton california and thats where i was born) (same hospital as my hitta too)
Well this week has been good, it literally flew bye!!!! Went by real quick! I cant believe i have a decent chunk of time in the mission.... weird, its like high school when you get to junior year and you feel like youve been here forever but also have a good cunk to go.... so its a good deal.
I gotta tell you about those investigators we found like a month ago theyre awesome, sad thing is they wont be baptized this april because you have to come to church at least 3 times and they missed church this past sunday cause they kinda slept in/sick.... but it works out cause i know it was meant to be cause they need more time to progress and learn more.
We went by their house last night and they were just like i knew you guys would come and she was telling her daughter didnt i tell you they were going to come! hahaha so we did and we taught them the imoprtance of prayer, reading the scriptures and going to church. They all incorprate and without one the rest wont work. Its so true, we pray but how are we going to get an answer? Reading the scriptures is where you find revelation and going to church is the acting, so many different ways! It reminds me of what my dad always says when i have an off shooting game (that rarely happened by the way) But he always told me we gotta go back to the basics, Once we went back to the basics and started shooting 5 foot set shots eventually we were able to hit the 30 foot jump shots! The basics in this case are Praying, reading the scriptures and going to church, if you want to feel the holy ghost in your life and do the right things, start with these things! This gospel is the same, it has never changed, it is always the same things, they are so simple, these "simple things" will take you farther than you ever thought was possible! I have realized you cant just be succesful right away, it is not part of Heavenly father plan, its all about learning and growing and maybe and hopefully the succes will come later and if not, just keep trying!
Chile is cool, i swear the dogs here have gotten more mean and have been trying to kill me even more but besides that its all good its just getting cold! We are looking to find the good people who wanna hear the good word..... nothing cooler than seeing prepared to hear the gospel and there are a decent amount who are sadly not and i hope one day they accept it! But nothing we can do, only we can do the best we can! Lord will do the rest! I love you all!
Elder Wertner:)


Friday, April 8, 2016

Hey good week!
First off i just wanna say i love you all and i am truly blessed to be in the position i am in with the family i have, i love you guys!
This week was special...... working side of it was good we are looking for a lot of epople, sometimes poeple wanna here the good word and other times not really, thats just life. i hope those who dont want to hear it one day will be ready to hear the gospel, it is for everyone!
We have truly been blessed this past weeked to listen to our prophet and our apostles and leaders! Whoever you are or wherever you are say what you want, i dont really care.... these are men called by God to lead us and help us a long the way! so cool to have questions  specifically answered, it was like a one on one interview, i pray and ask heavenly father and he gives me a specific answer through his servants! we are blessed, my face was glued to the TV like i was watching the NBA finals or final 4 or something but i was more into it! Nothing better, ill tell you what we are blessed!
I love you all! thanks for all you do, chile is going well, i love it here and i love the people and i love the gospel!
Much love and have a great week!
Elder Wertner