Justin will be spending the next two years serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He will be serving in the Chile, Osorno mission and teaching the people of Osorno the gospel. He will spend two months in Mexico City at the Missionary Training Center learning Spanish and being trained as a missionary. In mid August he will leave Mexico and head to Chile. We will be using this blog to post weekly emails and pictures from Justin and to keep you all updated on Justin's adventures in Chile!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hey Fam!!! And Friends!
Well I might be a couple days late but congrats medium mike and brookie! Married, i was worried a little sunday morning when i was at church and i was thinking "well wow brooke couldve totaly just ran away" Glad that didnt happen tho! Brooke is no longer a wertner!! Another one off the books right dad?
Hey but this week was good, we actually just got back from osorno cause my comp had to do some visa stuff, You would be surprised how excited we were hahaha. But it was fun! I got subway woooooohooooooo! It tASTED JUST LIKE IT DID IN THE STATES! So that was sweet. Well i think it did at least. But i felt the love cause i went to the mission office and had 4 packages waiting for me and some letters. i felt the love yall! pckages re sweet out here..... hint hint! Jk but this week was good, We found a lot of new people! one person in particular is really ready for the gosepl she has been looking for the church and all the ones she has gone to didnt feel rightand  has had some people pass away in her family as wel as some troubles. Talk about perfect timing and the exact time we went to her door she left the gate open because she was waiting for her son. So Heavenly father was pouring down the blessings!
We do a lot of contacting so im just trying to use my sense of humore during it and it helps alot! Everything is going well, the work is progressing and we are working hard! It still hasnt got that hot and its raining a lot but i like it a lot better! Sorry i dont know what else to say! 
But i love you all, Without a doubt in my mind this is where i am suppose to be! So grateful for all the examples i have in my life Especially my two older bros (jake and Big mike) who served missions! They might not know how much that example means to me while i am out here, but it means a lot!
Also i cant wait to make fun of brooke in spanish when I get back!
Love you!!!!!!!!
Elder Wertner!!1
Im gonna send more pics!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hey fam and friends!
Well didnt write last week cause i didnt have a lot of time and it was a tough week im not gonna lie!
But it has gotten better, for those who have been fasting, praying and thinking about me!
Thank you yall mean the world to me!
So first off i gotta say happy bday to my sister Jess this week! Wooohoooooo shes the bomb and any guys out ehre that might be reading this older then 18, shes single! Woohoooo but for real she is my best friend and i hope the bday is great!
Next Shoutout to brookie my sister and michael!!! they get married this week! I literallyt cannot believe it! Brooke is getting married!!!!!! woooohhhhoooo so stoked and i wish i could be there, but then i think about how if i was there i would be a best man (i better be right michael) then you have to stand in that line thing and shake everyones hands, so maybe its better im not right? hahah jk but that is so exciting yall are getting married especially since its in the temple!!!! So happy for yall!
This past two weeks have been tougher but they have gotten better, they always do! I was walking and just felt the wight on my shoulders and then i thought about someone, someone who had it a lot tougher then i did..... Troy bolton from high school musical! He had to decide between singing, basketball and the girl he loved? hahahah just kidding! I really thought that joke was funny tho!
But for real i have a lot of great examples in my life from friends and family but i was thinking about the savior and all he went through and he had it a little tougher then just a couple hundred doors slammed in your face right? He took upon the sins of the world for us, he thought about us! Now if thats not special i dont know what is!
Also thanks for all the bday wishes! Bday was a little different in the mission but it was good! Pretty normal day but we went to investigadores house and they had like chips and juice for me cause they knew it was my bday!
We have been doing a lot of contacting cause thats what we do, we are trying to find new people to teach but it can be tough sometimes1 Not everyone wants to hear the good word, none the less we are still bringing the world his truth!
Also i have a compaƱero his name is elder Winward and he is from utah! hes a nice guy, wow you should hear the chileans try to pronounce our names!!
We have a couple investigadores we are teaching but we are looking and the ones we have we are trying to increase their faith and lead them to the waters of baptism! That is why we are here!
I love you all, It stopped getting hotter and now it just rains hahah love it! But i love you all and if you have any questions or want to hear the good word, ask the missionaries, they would be love to help in anyway...... We are representantes de Jesucristo and that is why we are here!
Thanks for the bday wishes!
With much love!
Elder Wertner
!9 wowowwowowoowowow :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

A new companion!

Hey Yall!!!!!! hows my southern home, the south is the best isnt it? 
I hope halloween went well for everyone! It wasnt too big of a holiday here, pretty much a normal day! Today we are suppose to find out cambios and we still havent found out and usually we find out in the morning, so that makes me really want to know who my next companion will probably be! Im thinking it will be a latino, but i guess yall wont find out until next week, wow a lot of changes will happen this week forsure! Cant wait to tell yall, but for now this past week was really good! 
We have been finding a lot more people who are a lot more receptive and who need the gospel! The thing is we gotta find the people who need and want the gospel, some people just are not ready! but hey what are ya gonna do? Also i had an intercambio this week and i lead my sector and i know a lot more spanish then i thought, likeit was so sweet hahahaha and i just knew a lot more than i thought! We found people i think i told you about them and the lady is less active and she is less active for 18 years and she had a dream and her mom passed away a little bit a go and in the dream her mom was all in white outside of the temple and they both couldnt go in, and her mom told her she needs to hurry up! Which we take it as going back to church and going to the temple cause her mom and dad arent sealed! I was just like wow thank you heavenly father, you have made it a lot easier on us! Talk about a blessing!
Wait we got a call from the zone leaders and they said someones name the didnt know how to say it so i think he is american, sweet! who knows tho! 
But that story is sweet huh? We also got a new ward mission leader and he is excited about his calling and he just wants to do missionary work so it is awesome! That is what im talking about! He doesnt really know much and has trouble hearing but we are teaching him and he wants to be doing this calling so thats what makes it so awesome! 
also this week we had this dog who followed us everywhere, i know this is random but he followed us everywhere and he waited outside appointments for us and he would fight other dogs when they would try to bite us and we named him harry, and then he left one night and we never saw him again! But he straigt up just followed us everywhere we went like into houses and stuff it was weird haaha! 
Also we ran to a  mountain the other day in the morning and it was a prety sweet view of valdivia im going to send to yall!
It is awesome to be helping people, some people just need help! Because we are all weak lets be honest and this life is hard for all of us, but what builds us up is the savior and this gosepl!
I love you all and am so thankful for you all eevryday! No lie i pray for you all everyday!
With much love!
Elder Wertner