Justin will be spending the next two years serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He will be serving in the Chile, Osorno mission and teaching the people of Osorno the gospel. He will spend two months in Mexico City at the Missionary Training Center learning Spanish and being trained as a missionary. In mid August he will leave Mexico and head to Chile. We will be using this blog to post weekly emails and pictures from Justin and to keep you all updated on Justin's adventures in Chile!

Monday, December 21, 2015


Hey fam and friends!!!!

CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP!!!!!! its in like 4 or 5 days!!!!!! sweeetttt! cant wait! Great time to celebrate something very special! We should always be putting our thoughts and feelings on the savior but this gives us even more of a meaning too huh?

Way excited also cause i get to skype my familyyyyyy! I love my family, you all might know that but let me tell you, they are the best ever! Cant wait to be skyping them on friday! 6pm chile time on friday! WOHOOOO!

Hahah but this week was good, i have a new sector and a new comp and live in a new house! So i switched sectors and it would be like switching from germantown to collierville! But it is way different! This ward is real sick, 117 people showed up to church yesterday, that is so many!

They all are so nice and welcoming as well, they always leave with us and we eat lunch with the memebrs everyday and man the food is good, im trying to not get too fat! But it is awesome! My comp is Elder Rawlinson and we get along well and its weird cause he finishes end of january, so this cambio!

But this sector is very big as well, so there are forsure people out there, we just gotta find them! We are on the hunt and have gottena  coupel references which is super sick! So it will be good! I love this, ill send some pics, are house is way small, so its kinda funny. If im still here in the winter im gonna be freezing cause theres nothing to heat up the house hahaha! 

But this week i was thinking about us and this generation, my generation the generation before and just the people here in the world right now and especially during this time of year, Ive noticed that we gotta put the stuff first that really matters, that is heavenly father and nuestro families! 

People want a God who doesnt excpect much or anything at all out of them? They want a God who just says ya do whatever ya want and it will be all good. Im sorry but thats not how it is, why are we not making time for our heavnly father and remmebering all that he has done for us. How can we say we are too busy for heavnly father? Too busy to go to church for a couple hours? i remmeber when i was back at home and i would tell people my church was from 9-12, man poeple thought i was crazy. Its only 9 am and its only 3 hours? we need to make sacrifices for those things that really matter, we cant say we are too busy for heavenly father or serving tohers! We have to make time for things that really matter! We have to serve our heavenly father! Pray, read the scriptures, serve heavenly father and I promise you! Whatever you are going thru and whatever is tough right now, it will be a whole lot better if your serve others!

Friends and family I love the gospel, this is mission thing is hard, this life thing is hard too, but there is a bigger plan! Trust in the plana nd go out and do! Im gonna try and do the same! I know the church is true and i hope everyone enjoys time witht heir family this christmas! I know i am gonna enjoy that 45 min i get to skype mine! Serve others and im gonna try too! Love you all!!! Until next week!!!

Love Elder Wertner

Monday, December 14, 2015

ey fam and friends!!!
Whats upppppp! bet yall are getting excited for christmas! Love this time of year! The time to celebrate the saviors birth and do it with family so awesome!
This week was sweet! First off we got someone we have been working with for a while with a baptism date again, this time it is legit! Like forsure she is gonna get baptized 2 of january! So excited, we had like a noche de hogar with her and her husband and like 4 other ward memebrs it was sweet! The memebrs from the sociedad de socorro are being really good and helping a lot so she feels so welcomed!
One thing i love here is the Once! its like dinner time and everyone goes to negocios and buys bread and they just eat bread and cheese and butter and like tomates! hahahah lately i have been loving it. same thing every night but it way good, its cause here if you diddnt know lunch is the main meal! Lunches are way good, its always a feast!
This week also we went to Osorno! We had a 70 come, Elder Texiera! He was awesome and it was sweet to hear from him and his wife! Man the leaders of the church know so much and are so uplifting and spirtual!
Also in Osorno i got to see a lot of people i know from my group and the mish and i saw Elder Griffin!!!!! Wohooooooo! I missed him hes one of my good buddies so it was awesome to see him!
Hahaha so cambios happened and i just found out i am leaving this sector......But yall know how huge the boundaries of this mission are, but i got transferred and am going to valdivia stake, so the stake right down the road! hahaha people say whats you come to valdivia you are just always here, but i am way stoked! My companion is gonna be Elder Rawlinson and he only has 6 weeks left in the mission! but i am way stoked! Very happy and i am ready to help out and work hard in a nother part of this mission! Sad im leaving this sector, especially right when we are about to have a baptism but its all good, cause ill just have to go find a bunch more people in the other sector!
Way happy! The mission is new things everday and change is always happening, just have to get use to it and try your best!
Cant wait to see yall on skype in less than 2 weeks!!! wohoooooooo 
Dang i almost have 6 months on the mish!
Mommmy your baby boy is growing up!!!!! hahahahaha love yall so much! The church is true and jesus christ is our savior! Rememebr him and remmeber others during this time of year, i know you all will!
#Missionlife #ballislife #roadtostate
Love yall!
Love Elder Wertner
P.S. im gonna try to send pics but no promises. this computer is making things difficult!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hey Yall!!!
How is it going this week, i need to step my game up with these emails, ive missed like 2 weeks! Thats my bad and im gonna not miss anopther week (dont write that down)
Well everything is well down here in Valdivia, It is getting hotttttt!!! Those people who told me in every sector in my mission i would be seeing penguins, I have a tough time imagining i will see a penguin in this heat. It has gotten real hot, I shouldve bopught more short sleeve shirts.
But it is all going well here, we are doing a lot of contacts and trying to find people. Not too much success but its coming i know the Lord will bless us! We have an investigator we have had for a long time, Elder Cleverly and I found him at the beginning of our training and me and Wlder Winward are still working with him, he has a problem with La palabra de sabidurĂ­a  and he wanted 6 months to give his stuff up but it was sweet cause he changed it and said he is gonna give it all up by december 15 and he is getting better everyday, so that is way sweet!
I cant believe it is already the last week of this cambio, Next wednesday we have cambios..... hahahah like a week before christmas! That will be crazy if i go somewhere before christmas, but if i stay sweet too! Me and my comp are working hard and looking for people!
The biggest thing i can tell you this past 2 weeks is how much i am thankful for the example of Jesus Christ and the Atonement in my life! The sacrifice he paid, to take upon himself the sins of the world is something none of us can pay back! Serving a mission for 2 years will not pay Christ back for the sacrifice he made for us, but it will help others know about his sacrifice and I know that it makes My savior and Heavenly father happy! If i can make them happy then man i must be livin the dream right?
This time of the year , everyone always says it "Focus on what really matters" I can hear alyssa and jessica saying it right now, probably talking about how we should donate all the family money that wouldve went to gifts go to a charity or soemthing, hey maybe theyll actually do it! But the point is Focus on the savior! Do something that would make him happy! If you do that, i promise you, you are doing the right thing! Apply the atonement in your life!
It is there, but we must apply it in our lives! Faith without works is dead my friends!!! Go out and do, Do as the savior did when he was on the earth! 
Love you all! Livin in a different country and tryin my best!!!
Love you!!!!!
Elder Wertner
Oh and p.s. the packages i got were so sweeeettttttt!!! means so much to me!!!!

He said its getting SO HOT in Chile!

                 Justin said he was so excited and happy to get all this candy in his packages!!