Justin will be spending the next two years serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He will be serving in the Chile, Osorno mission and teaching the people of Osorno the gospel. He will spend two months in Mexico City at the Missionary Training Center learning Spanish and being trained as a missionary. In mid August he will leave Mexico and head to Chile. We will be using this blog to post weekly emails and pictures from Justin and to keep you all updated on Justin's adventures in Chile!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Well good week....... very good week!!!
Where should I start with yall............
Alright will first ill tell you the good news and then after ill tell yall the good news. (you know its a good week when all you got is good news)
OKay!! so this past week we found such a sweet investigator!!!!
Hes abut 26 and he built his own house because it was cheaper so he could study, we taught him the first lesson and he played guitar for us too and it was sweet.
We taught the first lesson and it went so well, he had a lot of sweet questions and we had a lot of sweet answers and then we asked him to read the book of Mormon, pray and be baptized the 28th. He said yes, yes and yes.
We called him the next day and he had read the first 5 chapters in first Nephi, he told us that if he did get an answer why would he not listen to Heavenly Father and get baptized, If we keep asking and asking in prayer we have to do what the the Lord tells. Well he is a sweet investigator and we just talked to him and we are gonna have a Noche de Hogar with him and this family from the ward tonight! Hope all goes well, I think it will, so that's sweet!
Then wanna hear something way cool as well, Our investigators Maria ines and Paulina, yeah well we had stake conference (Which was way awesome, a lot of awesome speakers.... temple president from santiago, Presidente obeso and a 70, so sweet)
Well after conference they both had their baptism interviews and passed.... they'll be getting baptized This Saturday at 8pm...... IM SO STOKED!!!!! THIS is so awesome, we found them knocking doors like 7-8 weeks ago and now they're getting baptized, how crazy is that!!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED! The Lord really blesses those who do his work and do what they're suppose to! Soo stoked and happy!
Well we ate lunch with some members and The mom who is getting baptized came with us to eat cause she was already friends with these members before we even found her, well we asked who she wanted to baptize her and we were so excited and happy to hear when she said she would like the member in our ward to do the baptism, he has helped us a lot and I know it really, really, really means a lot to him and his family. We were very happy to have that happen!
Yall, no lie I am so happy, I love the mission and I love meeting people who have literally never heard abut this gospel before and when they do, they do everything they're suppose to. This gosple changes lives, it is changing these peoples lives I am just meeting and it is changing mine everyday. I have never felt so much joy, I love it. I honestly love how I can be an instrument in the hands of the Lord!
I love yall and ill talk to yall this sunday (MOTHERS DAY WOOHOOOO)
Elder Wertner:)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Right now i am writing you from some jank Ciber in osorno chile that is playing "Im not gonna write youn a love song" So you can tell its gonna be a really good week. 
Yall this past week was so sweet!!!!! We saw so many blessings and keep seeing blessings, 
Well where to start, ill start with the bad news, one of our really cool investigators that was really progressing and really we saw so many miracles in his life, he dropped us, but hopefully he will realize what he had and how much joy he got from it and will one day come back and the future missionaries will knock his door.
So we found some new people, we found a new family that arent active and moved from more of the south and they want to come back to church and they are awesome and their son isnt baptized but now he has a baptism date and we have plans to baptize him and get their family back, that will be super awesome!
Then mariainez and paulinna are so awesome still and are really progressing, they really are investigators of gold. But whenever they hear something about the church or someone trys to bash it or something, they just come to us and ask us about it and what those people, usually its such lies and myths its unbelievable its way funny! But its awesome they are doing that, So their baptism is scheduled for 7th de may so thats the date that we should all have marked on our calendars, we are feeling really good about it and my comp and i are really happy!
We have had a lot of lessons this week, the Lord has been blessing us so much and it has been a really fast good week! Just is getting freaking cold out here, winter is the worst, but its not that bad cause we have wood!
But im good, oh also sunday i gave a talk, giving talks are always fun! Hope all of you are well!
I love you guys and miss you tons, The church is true! Christ is our savior and he wants The best for us, hes always walking by our side there to help us, we gotta do our part tho!
Love you tons fam!
Peace Out yall!!!
Elder Wertner

Monday, April 18, 2016

Good Week….. Went byeeeeee so fast its kinda unreal how fast the last couple weeks have been going bye, its pretty dang crazy, life kinda just passes ya bye. First off Fleas have been killing me lately, I am so allergic to these things, it would’ve been a joke to say this when I was a younger and think  “One day I will be infested with fleas” never quite imagined that, but here we are hahah, im just trying to learn how not to scratch. Its funny though cause only the gringos get the fleas, all the Chileans don’t have fleas at all. So i´ve just trying to be as Chilean as possible and maybe ill get rid of the fleas one day. But it’s all good, nothing too bad.
Ill tell you what tho, its like my comp and I run the streets around here….. Everyone runs when they see us. Nahhh but today has been a tougher week, it rained literally everyday this past week and all of our appointments fell so that’s not the most fun, so we just walked the streets, knocked doors in the pouring rain and tried to find some people. ¨We are looking that’s forsure, I know for a fact there are people prepared and Heavenly Father is preparing people right now as we speak. Its like in Alma (Alma Chapter 8 I’m pretty sure) When Alma is  preaching to a city and he’s rejected and doesn’t find anyone who wants to hear the good word and he leaves the city and then an angel appears to him and tells him to go back and he does and he finds Amulek who was totally prepared by the Lord and then Amulek helped Alma out and left with him to preach the gospel. Pretty sweet! So forsure there are people prepared! We just gotta find them and listen to the spirit!!
Okay so we knocked like every door this week, but sunday was all worth it. Icalled mariainez and paulinna saturday night (Our Investigators) and was just reminding them for church ya know and was like we are gonna call you sunday at 9 to help you get up and everything like that and she likes it doesnt matter we are going anyways! Sweet so they showed up, on time too, and stayed all three hours! They both loved it and paulinna loved young womens and is gonna go to mutual thursday! SWEEET!
Then we went bye their house sunday evening with two members who they have actually known for a decent amount of time. They came with us and we taught the word of wisdom, im not gonna try and jinx this but they totally just gave up everything they mightve had a problem with before just like that! And the memebrs we were with are so funny, they were making jokes like yeah "we better start filling up the faunt now" and, "you know if you have more sins you have to stay under water longer" and how me and my comp cant be switched areas yet cause we gtta baptize them first and they just laugh and say yes and they will be baptized the 7th of may. The date had to change a little bit cause of certain stuff but we prayed about it and its totally meant to be and they are really excited and said yes right away when we asked them this. So happy and it was awesome to hear them tell us after they went to church and they were just like "what you guys believe is not anything close to what all the other people say about the mromons and your religion and how you worship Joseph Smith andhave a rug where you walk on Jesus face when you come to church" we just laughed it is good to hear that and see they are understanding a lot more now!
Very very stoked! dont are that the whole time were just walking and knocking doors cause if these are the poeple who are prepared in this time for right now, im way excited, cause they lord is really blessing all of us!
this week is cambios so it will be a lot of working and running around and all the new people come, should be fun!
Love you All!
Elder Wertner

Monday, April 11, 2016

Whats up yall!!!
(For the subject if yall didnt know my comp is from pleasanton california and thats where i was born) (same hospital as my hitta too)
Well this week has been good, it literally flew bye!!!! Went by real quick! I cant believe i have a decent chunk of time in the mission.... weird, its like high school when you get to junior year and you feel like youve been here forever but also have a good cunk to go.... so its a good deal.
I gotta tell you about those investigators we found like a month ago theyre awesome, sad thing is they wont be baptized this april because you have to come to church at least 3 times and they missed church this past sunday cause they kinda slept in/sick.... but it works out cause i know it was meant to be cause they need more time to progress and learn more.
We went by their house last night and they were just like i knew you guys would come and she was telling her daughter didnt i tell you they were going to come! hahaha so we did and we taught them the imoprtance of prayer, reading the scriptures and going to church. They all incorprate and without one the rest wont work. Its so true, we pray but how are we going to get an answer? Reading the scriptures is where you find revelation and going to church is the acting, so many different ways! It reminds me of what my dad always says when i have an off shooting game (that rarely happened by the way) But he always told me we gotta go back to the basics, Once we went back to the basics and started shooting 5 foot set shots eventually we were able to hit the 30 foot jump shots! The basics in this case are Praying, reading the scriptures and going to church, if you want to feel the holy ghost in your life and do the right things, start with these things! This gospel is the same, it has never changed, it is always the same things, they are so simple, these "simple things" will take you farther than you ever thought was possible! I have realized you cant just be succesful right away, it is not part of Heavenly father plan, its all about learning and growing and maybe and hopefully the succes will come later and if not, just keep trying!
Chile is cool, i swear the dogs here have gotten more mean and have been trying to kill me even more but besides that its all good its just getting cold! We are looking to find the good people who wanna hear the good word..... nothing cooler than seeing prepared to hear the gospel and there are a decent amount who are sadly not and i hope one day they accept it! But nothing we can do, only we can do the best we can! Lord will do the rest! I love you all!
Elder Wertner:)


Friday, April 8, 2016

Hey good week!
First off i just wanna say i love you all and i am truly blessed to be in the position i am in with the family i have, i love you guys!
This week was special...... working side of it was good we are looking for a lot of epople, sometimes poeple wanna here the good word and other times not really, thats just life. i hope those who dont want to hear it one day will be ready to hear the gospel, it is for everyone!
We have truly been blessed this past weeked to listen to our prophet and our apostles and leaders! Whoever you are or wherever you are say what you want, i dont really care.... these are men called by God to lead us and help us a long the way! so cool to have questions  specifically answered, it was like a one on one interview, i pray and ask heavenly father and he gives me a specific answer through his servants! we are blessed, my face was glued to the TV like i was watching the NBA finals or final 4 or something but i was more into it! Nothing better, ill tell you what we are blessed!
I love you all! thanks for all you do, chile is going well, i love it here and i love the people and i love the gospel!
Much love and have a great week!
Elder Wertner

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hey whats up fam!!!
Writing a lot earlier today because we are gonna grill some hamburgers with two other elders, so thats why:)
Hey but everything has been good, honestly no complaints (Even if i did i wouldnt tell yall) But this week went byeeeee sooooo fast! I lay in my non-flea infested bed at night and am just like shooooot that day went bye quick!
I gotta tell ya what our ward is sweet! I love this ward here in Ovejeria! Its such an awesome ward with memebers who really care about the missionaries and you just get this good feeling when you walk in and it just feels like a family! Just like collierville 1 ward!!
But we had a sweet noche de hogar with that new family we found i told yall about last week, it was way good! Its awesome to see and hear when you bear testimony about the restoration and a prophet called of God and The book of mormon! And they agree! nd they believe it as well, then we leave it to them to really get that spiritual witness of the gospel!
We recieev that spiritual witness through the scriptures and praying, prayer with real intent is forreal! It really works!!!
Also i gotta tell yall about our Ward mission Leader, this guy is awesome! Hes been blind for like 4 years from an accident he had, but he is probably one of the happiest and funniest people to be around that i have met! It is so awesome to see when someone who could just be such a debby downer and just so depressed because something is wrong, but instead is just so happy! Great teastment to me and this guy has the best memory ever! Hermana Orlando!! He is awesome!
Well its been a good week, we still dont have wood or any form of heat but thanks to that sleeping bag my old man gave me im doing alright! hahaha, I love yall!
Working hard and trying my bestest! Chile is awesome, i love it! The people are awesome! So cool to see some people who dont have as much, give all their time to others!
I hope you all rememebr Jesus Christ lives, If youre having problems or doubts, Dont forget and just remember, Christ Lives and he loves us! Because of him we can live again, With him and our families forever! Something that brings me so much joy to know.
I love you all! Keep ballin!
Ill send pics ina  bit!
Elder WertneršŸ˜˜

Monday, March 14, 2016

First off its starting to get way cold in the mornings, like way cold and we dont have fire wood or any type of heating so that would be a good idea to look into that!
But its been good, this past week it was fun cause we had the newer people come in, always fun seeing them and all there animo and how excited they are and everything like that! Also there was a guy who came in and he was like " i know i have seen you from somewhere" and he remmebered he was in my EFY group from Santa barbra.... crazy!
This week has been good, first off we just got done eating some pichanga!!! best thing on the planet, but also this new sector and ward is awesome i love it! First off we have the sickest investigador ever, this guy is awesome his name is rodolfo, he likes making english nicknames for the gringos so mine is "towerman" or "tall man" this guy is awesome, hes gotta get divoriced and married but hes all for it and we are working through the process, its actually sometimes tough to teach him because he always is just like yes ill pay tithing, yes ill fast tomorrow, yes ill get divoriced and married, ill quit stuff ive been doing my whole life! He understands that is what he needs to do and understands its what God wants of us and him and he does it! He is very grateful to have us and is just a stud, also he went to church with us and we had stake conference and it was actually kinds cool, everyone in chile hyas their stake conference and they did a brodcast from Salt lake for all the stakes in chile and President Nelson got up and i thought he was just making a joke at first in spanish.... then he gave a 20 minute talk in spanish! Who even knows if he knows spanish he probably was just that intune with the spirit!!! Buyt it was sweet and rodolfo is legit and is so ready to be baptized, ill be way stoked when we get all that figured out so he can just be baptized!
Also we were doing contacts yesterday and we had a super sweet contact where we contacted this house in the back and this lady came oout and her daughte whos like our age and we didnt have anytime to react cause she pulled us in and kissed us before it was too late, so there was that, surprisly i havent been kissed that much here even those its the custom im always pretty good at avoiding it! But besides that i was awesome contact, those two know a mormon family in the ward and only had good things to say and where asking nothing but awesome questions and then we set upa family home evening with them and the family they know. So we went by the family ofthe wards house to tell them that and all this and the lady we just contacted called her (shes the president of the Soc- Soc) and told her how excited she was and hey were tlaking about how her daughter and seminary and all this stuff!!!!! So sweet, it was one of the best contacts ive had in the mish and it was awesome!!!!! im so stoked, i have the best feeling about this family and the church is perfect for them. Its so true you never know who is watching you, thankful for this family in our ward who was always living their beliefs and a lot of people have and will recieve blessings because of their example!!!
I love you all! The church is true!!!
ill send pics later!!!!!
Elder Wertne

Monday, February 29, 2016

Whats up yall! First off i dont know what happened but this weather changed real quick, its so cold now hahahha! Reminds me of my sweet home memphis tennessee! I will forever be a southerner, i wont forget my southern roots even if the fam is packing their bags and heading to california, dont worry its a surprise to me as well! So stoked tho, i heard my dad just wanted to make every game at UCI so he decided to just move.... idk tho!
But this week was a good one, hahahah friday we had an activity and my comp is from mexico so he made tacos that were way good for everyone and it was a show of talents and so we did this magic trick hahahah somos brujos!! but it was fun and i feel like it was a real success! This ward is an aswesome one and the members are good to us! 
Not much to say tho, this next week will be fun because the new missionaries are coming in next tuesday so thats always way fun to pick them up and everything like that! But just the normal 10-6 office job and then after teaching the good word!
Hope all is well!
Elder Wertner

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hey Yall!
First gotta give a S\O to my little niece izzy who turns 3 this week!!!! wohooooo shes so old, but happy bday izz.... and dont forget your uncle justin whos in chile!
This week was good, Saturday we had a baptism of isiadora, whos 10 and she got baptized which was sweeeettttt and her dad is reactivated and going to church now so thats way awesome! Way cool to see someone you taught and helped along the way enter into the waters of baptism! Its way cool to see that, Thats why i am here!! So just gotta try and keep it up hahaha! But other than that it was a good week, Sunday was cool cause we left with members from the ward to go visit some fmilies who are less active and havent been in a while, it sure is cool to go in a group and see how that makes a difference, showing theyre loved and missed! 
The ward is really starting to gain trust in us and you can see how awesome that is and it reflects alot, so its way cool! But i am good down here hope everything is well over there! 
Love yall!!!! (my southern roots)

Love Elder Wertner!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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From: Justin Samuel Wertner [justin.wertner@myldsmail.net]
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2016 06:42 PM Greenwich Standard Time
To: Tim Wertner; Heather Wertner

Hey whats up Fam and friends,
It was a good week this week, Always a good week when youre serving the lord and doing his work! Cant take it for granted cause it is such a beautiful work, I can really see the lord using me as an instrument to help change lives and nothing is better than seeing people change for the better, It makes me feel so good and have such a purpose! 
Also this week i had cow and sheep stomach, I feel like thats the stuff they eat in the south but its the first time i had it and its actually way good, its super chewing and you can straight up see how its stomach and they made a soup out of it, pretty good soup not gonna lie! Also funny cause saturday night at like 10 we got a call from bishop asking us to both give talks tomorrow, funny cause on the mish its just like youre ready for that type of stuff, always! So its sweet to feel ready when that stuff happens, the talk went really well and our ward is awesome! They really love the missionaries!
This week i saw a lot of how real and powerful the priesthood really is! The Lord trusts us his servants with such a strong and powerful power, it is truly amazing to use that to bless and heal others! I got to give a blessing to someone who really needed help and guidance and it is amazing to be a part of that, nothing i get more joy out of than that, the spirit is so strong and so powerful, because it is literally him speaking through us! My spanish gets way good and i speak so clear and fluently when i give blessings, its because it really is the lord speaking through us, we are his hands to do this wonderful work and if we are doing what we are suppose to he is going to bless his children who dont know about the gospel or need help! The power of God is real, the spirit really does testify! Also a lot we did this week is a lot of people want blessings for houses to have that peace when maybe sometimes their isnt that feeling of the spirit in the house and there is some bad spirits or something like that lets say! What i learned is how real the spirit of contention is, you cannot have the spirit or even feel that love of christ in your life if we are so angry and have so much contention and fighting, it just doesnt work that way!  But I really learned this week how we are legit at war right now, it is a battle between good and evil and a battle between satan and Heavenly father and christ! The awesome thing about this is and if you dont know then i am very happy to be the one to tell you, we know the outcome! Heavenly father has won, we know who is going to win already, so why dont we pick the winning teams side! 
I invite you all to try and search for that feeling of peach and if you have have that contention or dont feel good or something right i invite you to pray and read the scriptures, you will feel a lot better and wont have that bad feeling anymore! 
I love chile, the chilean people are awesome, i grow to love them more and more each day, even if they slam he door in our faces or yell or whatever and they dont wanna hear the good word, theyre still sons and daughters of God and they deserve this gospel just as much as i do! This gospel changes lives, ive seen it and nothing is better than that, Nothing feels better when you enter a home of a stranger who has been having a tough time and she begins to tell you how God has sent her two angels to help her out! I love you guys! Thanks for always supporting me!!!
Much Love, 
Elder Wertner

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hey yall!!
Well not much to say this week, but just want yall to know i am out here working hard and we are grindin! Just trying to find the people who are being prepared by the Lord to teach them the good word and bring the gospel to those people who dont have it yet! Its a tough work but it can be very rewarding when you finally see the hard work pay off! I love you all and dang Southern chile can get way hot in the summer time, who wouldve knew?
hahahah hope all is well and i love you guys! im gonna send a bunch of pics!:)
Love Elder Wertner

Monday, January 25, 2016

Hey Fam and friends,
 whats up Yall!?
I got something Cool to tell yall! Remember how I told you a bunch about Juan, How Elder Cleverly and I found him one night and we taught him a bunch. 
So one night in the beginning of my trainning we were knocking doors and I remember it was freeeeezzzzziiiinnnnnggggg cold and it was pouring rain so much! We had been knocking doors for the whole day from like 12 to 930 and we were like okay one more door, so i was like yeah thats knock this door over here and we knocked it and a guy answered and he said he wanted to hear and come back tomorrow. We came back and he told us how he was talking to his brother in Santiago and said next time the missionaries come by he would open the door and listen to what they heard and that was the next day, So long story short i taught him with cleverly for like 5 weeks and then with Winward for like 6 weeks, the last day i was at his house we got him to agree to a date where he would give up everything he needed to and get baptized. Yeah well Juan got baptized this past Saturday!!!!! So stoked i am so happy, it is such a blessing, i really wish I could've been there at the baptism, but to here he kept his fecha and kept through and was baptized is awesome! So thankful for that and that he is a member now, so so so awesome. It was so awesome to see that God can make you an instrument in his hands for the salvation of others! Its funny cause that day where i remember it was freezing cold i'm sure we didn't get any to any houses and maybe got rejected 100 times, who even knows, I don't remember! What I do remember is the one who accepted and was baptized and everything in between! Way stoked!
Here in Osorno we found out cambios and Elder Diaz and i are in the office and we are going to a different sector near by so that will be fun and exciting. Going to find some people and bring the world his truth, that's what were are here to do!
Also other day i was looking out of our balcony (yah our house is sweet we have a balcony and carpet) and i noticed a volcano hahahaha didn't even realize it was there so that's pretty cool!
Well i love you all and hope you're all doing well! This week we get to do a lot with helping the new people from the MTC come into the mission and pick them up and be with them for like the first two days, way stoked for that! Also feels like just yesterday i was the new greenie, now look at me, i got 7 months on the mission...... Weird!
Love yall!!!
Elder Wertner:)

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Hey yall!!!
Well its been an exciting and eventful week forsure! 
So right now i am in Osorno, that is my new sector.... no longer in valdivia! So now i am actually in the Office and i am the nuevo historiador! So thats pretty sweet, its pretty funny cause just last week my grandpa was writing me and telling me that he is sure one day i will be in the office and be able to drive the car and all that, hahaha well that happened. So the office life is a little different and its pretty sweet, i get to see the mission from a whole different aspect, while still being a missionary and doing what missionaries do!
So we get into the office at like 10 and what i do is i am the historian so i handle all the stuff with the registros of baptisms of people and put them into the sytem so they become members ( pretty big job if ya think about it cause thats the reason we are here, to share this gosepl about Jesus Christ with others and get them baptized on the path to eternal life) So it is pretty sweet. Along with that i do a lot of different random stuff, but i handle a lot of stuff with new missionaries that are coming in and missionaries that are leaving! Its way fun and way weird, weird to think i have almost 7 months in the mission and it just feels like yesterday i was in that position! 
So we get in at 10 and we do all our stuff and then we end the day and leave at 6 and we proselite from 6 to like 10! so we have some pretty cool investigators here that we have put with dates to be baptized which is way awesome! One is a younger girl and her dad is reactivating and shes gonna get baptized in febrero, Also another is a sweet family. We went over the baptismal interview with them and they are awesome, they know a lot and really want to learn more and have this gospel in their lives, they love having us over and they keep feeling closer to the savior everytime we visit with them! So we shall see!
Also i have two new comps, i am in a trio right now until end of the cambio with Elder Diaz who is from mexico and Elder Haddad who is from pleasanton ( if any of yall know me then you know that city should ring a bell;)) Its pretty fun, also both of them are converts of not too long ago, so it is really cool and is a testimony strengthener to me! I think its so awesome when converts go on missions its sweeeeetttt!! They have such powerful testimonies!
We live in this apartment that is like a penthouse and is probably one of the nicest houses in the mission, you can see the whole city of osorno and it has carpet! I havent felt what carpet is like in 7 months
But everything is good here, i am enjoying it and we are working hard! There is always a lot to do! I love sharing this gosepl with others and being able to feel that spirit so strong, nothing is better than that! I remmeebr thoe days in priest quorum with some of my best buds and dahl and all the awesome leaders, the spirit was so strong! Thats how it is in lessons now and thats what i strive for, cause i can promise you! There is no better feeling than that, I have won a state championship and hit game winners and all that stuff for bball and that stuff feels so good, but this there is nothing like that..... When you see someone who needs and wants the gosepl in their life and you can feel that spirit in the room, where it is almost tangible to the point where you can touch it, nothing in the world beats that! If you wanna feel that, This gosepl can make you feel that an more! 
I love what i am doing and i love being in chile! Livin the high life in the penthouse with carpet right now baby! hahaha love you all! Hope youre all doing well and ya keep on keeping on!!!
Much love!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Whats up yall!!!!!!
So this week was good, crazy to think its 2016!! That is so crazy! Awesome to think back on 2015 and think about all that we have accomplished and now to look forward to another year! so weird to think about 2016 and how old we all are now! my dad is almost 50!!!!!!! hes so old! hahah just messin pops!
This week was good, no crazy stories or anything but i was thinking about the missiona nd life, and of course i was comparing it to basketball. I was thinking how when i was younger i just wanted to dunk so i just kept trying and trying to dunk, finally it happened and i was so stoked! (catherine knows she was there) but then i did it, so then i tried to dunk harder, tried to put it thru my legs! I just kept trying to push myself. Now for those of you who dont play bball, just compare it to whatever, like for jessica and alyssa it could be shopping or for perry it good be eating bacon! whatever it is, i have realized soemtimes we feel like we just legit, cannot do it, but we just have to push ourselves, push ourselves and it will eventually happen! We just have to try our best, sure soemtimes we are gonna fail, but thats just life, just keep trying! For me that is just to keep looking and to just keep knocking doors and to keep trying to share this gospel, Eventually we will be able to look back and say "Wow it was all worth it". I hope we can all just try and keep trying!
This week was good and this sector is awesome, i know there are people prepared we just gotta find them!
Also we had inter cambios, so i went to another sector for a day and it was on the beach! It is so beautiful over there! kept making me think of my future at uci on the beach!!!! wowoooohoooooo! 
hahaha but ill be sending lots of pics!
Love you all and hope christmas and new years was awesome!