Justin will be spending the next two years serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He will be serving in the Chile, Osorno mission and teaching the people of Osorno the gospel. He will spend two months in Mexico City at the Missionary Training Center learning Spanish and being trained as a missionary. In mid August he will leave Mexico and head to Chile. We will be using this blog to post weekly emails and pictures from Justin and to keep you all updated on Justin's adventures in Chile!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week #4!

Hey Fam and friends! 
Another week has gone by i cant believe it but it has already! It has been good here at the MTC, besides the fact that i feel like i have been here for like 6 months..... hahahaha! Also mom, nana and alyssa dont worry, but i was sick on Sunday and monday! I had a really bad stomach virus, me and elder griffin got it pretty bad for a day or two, it started on sunday night and then all monday me and elder griffin just laid in bed, well and also about 150 other people at the MTC did as well, and there was some people who had it a lot worse. Being sick was the worst here tho, there was nothing to do we just laid there and slept and talked about how our stomachs hurt, but no worries we are all better now:)
Here at the MTC we have been dooing a lot of the same stuff, classes, classes, and some classes but we are learning a lot and i feel like my testimony has grown a lot and spanish is getting better everyday! I say my prayers in spanish without even really thinking and when i go to bed at night its just a bunch of phrases and words just run through my head, which is good..... I feel like i am getting better everyday, I am truly being blessed by the LORD and by all of your prayers so thanks so much Y'all. HEY also i ran into gubernick, yeah i knew he was from IRVINE cause that name isnt to common, but he is serving in Mexico and wow guys no one told me but i guess his dad served in Osorno Chile! who knew? thats awesome!
We had another great sunday here, sunday night i started feeling sick but before we watched meet the mormons and it was awesome, hahahha it was kinda like a real movie so we were all super stoked! It was awesome, it is a really good movie and that song by David Archuleta that was playing was some fire!! Also the director of all the MTC came and spoke to us, he showed us all the different MTC around the world and it was really cool. It made me realize just how nice this one is! The mexico MTC is supper nice and its pretty big so i am glad i am here!
I told all of yall about TRC where we teach like real life people who come in on wednesday, they were both members from mexico CITY but it was still so awesome, my sentences started to flow a lot better without translating as much and it was awesome, the spirit was so strong! I loved it! 
Not having my phone is kinda awesome, it is so so so awesome to be walking home at night or in the day just walking around and being able to see all the beautiful things that have been created on this earth. The moon is so beautiful at night and i just love it! Also on tuesday i think it was, thye sun was just like blasting threw the clouds and it was one of the most beautiful things I have seen! So my challenge for yall this week is to put your phone aside, put whatever it is aside and enjoy the beauty it is so awesome! Also I just got a haircut! they cut it shorter and it feels nice, hahahhaha they dont even ask us the way we want it, they just do it the same for everyone! 
This week I have really been thinking how grateful I am for the examples in my life! My dad is a stud and is one of my biggest role models, my cousins are all studs! my sisters mom aunts and uncles and my friends are so good to me!! I was really thinking about my Brother and how i grateful I am for his example, he has always been a great guy to me and a great example of someone i want to be like when i am older so thanks Jakey poo!!! 
Everything is good here though, there isnt much to say cause it all is kinda the same stuff, but we are working hard and having a good time! My district is awesome so it is going well, I am very blessed to be in this district! Kinda sad though that only half of us from our district are going to chile, but it is all still good!!
I say this every week but i pray for you each individually every day! I am so thankful for all of your support! I love you all and miss you guys!!! Thanks for being the best!
Love Elder Wertner

I am gonna try and attach a video of me dunking i hiope it wokrs this time, if it doesnt weel ill show yall in 2 years but i was putting it threw my legs! So i still got it hahaha:)

Me and Elder Griffin after we got fresh chops!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I love you guys! All of you, i really do and heavenly father does as well!



Whats up Yall!!!!

So i dont know where to start, The MTC is a lot of the same stuff, it is a lot of repetition. But Today was another good week it went by fast though i am not going to lie!

So Sundays are so awesome here the spirit is so strong and this Sunday we got to watch the movie the restoration! It was so awesome seeing those pioneers, talk about people who had faith am I right? Everything they went through, not just joesph smith but everyone of those pioneers who died for what they believe and left everything behind it was just crazy!

It is so funny here because every wednesday we get a new group of like 50 elders and sisters! Its really cool and they all seem so young, I feel so much older since i have been here for 3 weeks, hahahha not really but its so cool seeing everyone come! 

It rains a ton here it feels super super good! I love the rain and i know i have to start liking it even more since i am about to go to chilE and it only rains there. We had a guy from OSORNO in our dorm and he would talk to us everynight about Osorno! He told us it is freezing and rains a ton but there are a lot of penguins! Also this week he told showed us a 20,000 peso bill, which is worth just about 40 dollars in the US, which is just kinda unreal! Its funny how here we get the news about things that happen so much later hahaha like US and soccer and all of this stuff! Tuesday we had a great devotional from a member of the seventy and before that it was pizza night, i hypw pizza night up! It reminds me of the last night before i left how mom hooked the fam up with a veggie pizza and we lit some fireworks, hahahaha so fun! thanks for keeping me healthy! 

Oh and they made a new comedor so we can go in, thats like a new dinning hall and its really nice! Food is the same but pretty good and the Milk is super good and cold! wow nothing is better than cold milk. Oh yeah, we also were talking to the elder from chile and he said yeah you eat like a 3 course meal for lunch but then for dinner and breakfast you eat cereal, and they dont refrigerate your milk, but you can always find the good in all of that stuff, like the frosted flakes still taste the same with warm milk, you just have to look for the positive!

We get taught spanish and how to teach people for 4 hours in the morning and then we have lunch and we got to this online Spanish thing called TALL, hahahaha we love making jokes about tall cause the thing like sings to us its kinda weird lol, and then we have study time and gym time. Then we eat dinner and have another 4 hours of learning Spanish and how to teach and then we get back to our dorm by 930-945. and we have to be in bed by 1030 and wake up by 630! thats what the schedules like! Oh yesterday we had TRC again and it was awesome, thats what i was talking about how members or non members or less active people come and we teach them. It is so awesome and the spirit is there! Oh also friday we always have like a "45 min service project" and they keep this place really really clean and a lot of people work here so this past week they had us take brooms and sweep the walls, hahahahha it was very funny! I wish you could all see it! 

Me and elder Thomas gave a lesson a couple days ago it was the best one yet, We were really talking in spanish and the investigator said how well we did and how he knew the spirit was blessing us. Without the spirit i would not be able to do this! I am very blessed. Spanish is going well i get better everyday, im not saying im some pro i mean i have a tough time still but it keeps getting and i know it is all of you guys prayers! so please keep praying for me! I am constanly praying for each one of you and if your thinking right now that you think i am not then you probably wrong cause i spend a lot of time on my knees praying here, it is the best way to get close to our heavenly father and it is so awesome the ways he blesses us all individually! Some of the pics i am going to send are from the roof, we got up there and took some really good pics, but shhhhh dont tell anyone!! 

Well I love you guys! All of you, i really do and heavenly father does as well! he has blessed our lives so much, we need to make sure we are constantly on our knees thanking him! 

Keep the faith Yáll

Love Elder Wertner


Here are some different pics of mexico and yesterday morning we woke up with an awesome sunset! it was so beautiful! oh also here is a pic of me and my district I love these people! theyre my best friends! so many great memories learning, studying, spiritual moments, jokes! just so many fun times

og and sorry about the basketball video ill try and figure it out and send one next week! we play ball every couple of days and the J is still here hahaha! Love yall

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hey Y'all

Hey y'all!

So 16 days down already, not going to lie feels like i have been at the MTC forever! I cant even really remmeber my life before hahaha!
This week was good! the best days here are Sundays tuesdays and thrusdays!
Sundays are awesome because it is so spiritual and we just have so many great lessons and learn so much! This past sunday we always have a devotional and we got to hear and old talk from 2 years ago from president Holland! it was so awesome he talked about missionary work and he just had such fire in his eyes and heart and he just was telling us how awesome it was that what we are doing is true and how amazing it is! It got me so pumped up i just wanted to get up and leave for chile to go teach people!
Tuesdays are great because Tuesdays we have a devotional but before that, get this....... They give us COSTCO PIZZA FOR DINNER!!! some of you might think that is pretty lame, but i will tell ya what, its the best thing ever hahahaha!
Then thursdays here are great because it is P-Day! so we do laundry and then we played a lot of ball, yall are gonna see how i still have a little bit of bounce! im gonna try to send a video (but shhhh they say no dunking here:)) haha but me and elder Asay were kinda throwing down! he throws some good lobs too hahaha! 
So i bet you guys all think its super hot here, but its not the weather is awesome everyday and then at night it just starts storming out of no where!!!!
So spanish has been going pretty well, im learning a lot each day! hahaha one of the elders in our dorm is from OSORNO Chile and he is going to mexico, he can speak a little bit of english but he told me and elder thomas that the spanish is way different there in Chile then in Mexico! so that should be interesting but i seriously cant wait!
We teach two different people lessons everyday, the tough part its pretty funny and jake and davin probably know what im saying but you can only really talk to people about gospel stuff, like different lessons, hahahahhaa but once they start talking about life and the world and just stuff thats going on we have no idea what they are saying, its so awesome!!!!
We also started this thing that we are gonna start doing everyday called TRC where members or non members or inactive members from the ward come in to the MTC and we give them a lesson, it went really good yesterday and we tried to talked to them about stuff of the world in spanish and we are trying and getting better! I definitley am feeling you guys prayers and thoughts towards me! they are helping me everyday while i am gone and they strengthen me so much you have no idea! so please keep it up!
Well Tuesday was a also a great day! wanna know why! cause my mommy loves me!!!!!! she sent me donuts and soda and i felt so loved and cool, (hahahah thanks for helping jess and whoever did other sisters i love yall)
The donuts were really good hahahah so thanks yall!!
I am having a good time and dad i am doing my "Largaritas" everynight so dont you worry!!!!! The MTC is fun! every wednesday a huge new group of people come in and it is weird to think that was me a little over two weeks ago, i cannnot believe it! it feels like so long ago! I got sent a really good quote by jessica who has always been the person we send motivational quotes to and spiritual quotes about Christ to! The quote is something that will stick with me for my whole mission and probably the rest of my life and when any of you are having a tough time I hope you remmeber it! "Life is not to be endured, Life is to be enjoyed" 
Very simple but it really says a lot! Whenever you have a tough time or maybe just even a small problem, pray to your heavenly father he is there and wants you to speak to him! 
One of my MTC teachers here told me that he one night went home and prayed for 4 hours about his girlfriend who wasnt a member! he said he felt God touch his life and he could feel the answer! The next week she got baptized and then they ended up getting married, prayer is essential in this life!
I want you all to know i am just having so much fun with my district! these guys are awesome, we pray, study, laugh, just have a good time about everything! They strengthen my testimony everyday! A mission is full of ups and downs even in the MTC bu these guys are awesome and i know that through prayer you will recieve an answer!!!
Oh also my MTC teacher Hermano Teraazas is awesome! he is a great teacher and i learn so much from him!
I have been called of God and where i am at and where i am going is through revelation from God and i know that with all my heart! If you have any doubts i want you all to go and look up Elder Holland mormon messages or talks, and try and tell me you dont just think that is incredibley awesome!!
I love you all!!! keep me in your prayers! i know i pray about each and everyone of you multiple times a day! I love you all, Remember who you are 

love, Elder Wertner:)

Here is the video i hope it sends! we didnt get the thru the legs on video so i guess we will just have to wait until next week! 
Then here is a picture of me, Elder Asay and Elder braddock! The three tallest guys in the dirstict hahaha! Elder braddock is going to chile as well and elder is asay is going to boston!
Then there is a picture of a mountain , the MTC use to be a school so the B is for whatever Name it was called i forgot! 
Then there is a pic of when i got my krispy kreme donuts! you have no idea how happy i was Mom and Jess (Thanks dad hahaha) 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

"I Just Love My Savior So Much"

Justin and the other Elders in front of the Mexico City Temple

Okay well first off I just want to say Happy Birthday Lauren! I cant believe you're already 14! stay away from boys..... I remember back in the day when it was just me lauren and max all hanging out! Also Happy 4th everyone! In the MTC they gave us cheeseburgers and nachos and stuff for the 4th so it was cool of them!
Alright so there has been so much that has happened this last week, I cant even believe it! The first two days were really slow and the longest days of my life but now it has gone by so fast! Thursday we had a lot of meetings and stuff and that was a long day but My companion is awesome..... His name is Elder Thomas and he is a real cool guy and we have a lot of fun, hes from Mesa Arizona! Also My district is so awesome, I love these guys they're my best friends already! Elder Rollins and Elder Asay are really cool guys! Elder Asay was a walk on for BYU basketball scout team so its really cool to talk with him! Also there is Elder Broddock and Elder Griffin! They are so fun and we have a blast!
Thursday Night I taught my first "Investigator" in spanish....... and ill tell you what, it has gotten so much better everyday after that! I feel like I have learned the most I have ever learned in one week, I pray, Bear my testimony, Speak to people and have discussions with them all in spanish! its unbelievable! I will tell you right now it is not me, it is the LORD! I know that if I work my hardest and try my best the Lord will bless me and the spirit will guide me! The gift of tongues is real! Everything I say is because of it! Friday and Saturday was the same thing we have lessons from a super awesome teacher from Mexico who is a really funny guy! and then eat food and study and teach! hahaha repetition repition!!! It is really cool! Then Sundays are the best days, We have district meeting, priesthood meeting, sacrament meeting and study and then we have devotions and Sunday nights we get to watch a movie (hahahha well a church movie). after that on Sunday we had a super awesome devotional with out district and it was so good! people were crying and the spirit was strong and everything that was being said was so true! It was all about Jesus Christ and I just Love my savior so much, to think about all he has done for us is just amazing! He thought about each one of us as he was taking upon the sins of the world, unbelievable!
Whenever I think I might be having a tough time I think of my savior and so should you all, He did it all and he knows what we are going through! Whatever it is, through christ, we can be strengthened!
Okay so monday was good, we start getting into a routine! we teach our investigator Daniel at night and we are doing awesome! we do better each time, it is so weird to think that last week I knew like barley anything in spanish but through the lord I am able to understand and speak to other people! how crazy is that???!!
Well Tuesday and Wednesday were the same, we play ball over here and the guys from utah that don't even play are ballers, they just got that utah gene in them I guess huh? but its fun! its nothing intense, I hit a couple threes and people realized I play a little on my free time? hahaha totally kidding but it was a blast! 
Today has been fun, first P-day and we went to the temple! but the temple is like closed right now cause they're fixing stuff but The temple in Mexico is so pretty!!! I love it! and their visitor center is so nice! Its Huge!
Hahahha when Jake would tell me everything is so cheap in Mexico its so true! Things that would be so expensive in the U.S. are so inexpensive here! 
Every morning I wake up and am just liked dang, Im in a different country! Im in mexico! hahaha its so weird! oh ya it rains everynight here, I thought it was going to be hot but the weather is awesome! oh and I see Kristen Warren everyday! and I was wondering can someone find out when Garrett gets here? I want to know! The food here is hit and miss though! but it can be really really good sometimes! oh and for breakfast they have zucaritas (Those are frosted Flakes chad and avery!!!) so im very happy! Hey well I hope Alyssa is still doing the blog! But I just wanna say how much I love you guys and am thinking about you constantly! There is no where I would rather be and need to be in my life then right now, I know I am going on a mission to Chile for a purpose and thats where i need to be! Everyone who is thinking about going, you should! The first couple days of the MTC can be a little scary not gonna lie! but you will adjust and love it!!!
Oh yeah also there are 12 guys going to the Chile Osorno mission here!! It's so awesome all of the guys are the coolest, most spititual guys ever! 
The MTC here is super nice too! it is a huge,beautiful campus!! We have had a lot of spiritual times as a district and a lot of laughs! I miss yall a ton! but I know you all are doing so great! Don't be scared to write me:)

"And now, my beloved bretheren, and also jew, and all ye ends of the earth, hearken unto these words and believe in christ; and if you believe not in these words believe in christ, and if ye shall believe in christ ye will believe in these words, for they are the words of christ, and he hath given them unto me; and they teach all men that they should do good."- 2 nephi 33:10 
This scripture is awesome and i hope you all take it to heart like i have!!
I love you all and am praying for all of you!! 
Love Elder Wertner!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

See YA in two Elder Wertner!

We dropped Elder Wertner off at the airport this morning and he hopped on a plane to the Mexico MTC (Missionary Training   Center). He arrived safely and sent us an email! Sounds like he is doing great! His P-day (planning Day) will be Thursday's, that's when he will be able to read emails and reply if he has time :) you can send him an email at justin.wertner@myldsmail.com... I know he would love to hear from everyone! 

Hey Guys,
I made it safely to Mexico City!! its so weird being in a different country, Its really cool though and super awesome to see that the mission is happening now! I cant wait to start learning some spanish. The Food is pretty good, it was really weird being in mexico because everyone speaks spanish, weird i know!
Sorry if there is a lot of mispellings and stuff and grammar errors, im trying to get use to this mexico keyboard its so different and weird.Mom i saw kristen as soon as i walked in and talked to her! told her how sister warren is posting a lot of instagrams while shes gone and she said she asssumed! It is just unreal the mission has started, The MTC seems coool and everyone is in the same boat as me! the mission comes up on you quick so for all those getting ready saying you have a lot of time to prepare (aka chad)!!!!!! 
The guys all on my flight are really cool and we talked a bunch it is pretty awesome, there are about 8 going to chile so far and it was pretty cool to talk and hangout with them! My P day is thrusdays so whatever that means! im just excited to meet my compaion and see where im staying and get to work! Im gonna keep trying and getting better at typing on this cause it is so tough. Okay also the drivers here are absoulutely crazy!!! you thought jessica was a crazy driver! not even close! these people are crazy drivers and you see some crazy things here but its been so awesome! mom and dad never took me anywhere so its pretty cool to see like a whole different world! Well i know what i am doing is right and true..... it is going to be very very hard but you cant give up and have to put on the big boy pants! hahahahah friday we start teaching lessons in spanish....... like we just got here what even. 
Im so excited and cant wait! I love you all! if you ever have a question or doubt as in prayer and the lord will bless you and answer your prayers!
thanks to all of you for being so great to me!!! 
Love Elder Wertner
P.S. I got my name badge and i feel like a pro!!!
I got here safely and love you all!!!