Justin will be spending the next two years serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He will be serving in the Chile, Osorno mission and teaching the people of Osorno the gospel. He will spend two months in Mexico City at the Missionary Training Center learning Spanish and being trained as a missionary. In mid August he will leave Mexico and head to Chile. We will be using this blog to post weekly emails and pictures from Justin and to keep you all updated on Justin's adventures in Chile!

Monday, December 21, 2015


Hey fam and friends!!!!

CHRISTMAS IS COMING UP!!!!!! its in like 4 or 5 days!!!!!! sweeetttt! cant wait! Great time to celebrate something very special! We should always be putting our thoughts and feelings on the savior but this gives us even more of a meaning too huh?

Way excited also cause i get to skype my familyyyyyy! I love my family, you all might know that but let me tell you, they are the best ever! Cant wait to be skyping them on friday! 6pm chile time on friday! WOHOOOO!

Hahah but this week was good, i have a new sector and a new comp and live in a new house! So i switched sectors and it would be like switching from germantown to collierville! But it is way different! This ward is real sick, 117 people showed up to church yesterday, that is so many!

They all are so nice and welcoming as well, they always leave with us and we eat lunch with the memebrs everyday and man the food is good, im trying to not get too fat! But it is awesome! My comp is Elder Rawlinson and we get along well and its weird cause he finishes end of january, so this cambio!

But this sector is very big as well, so there are forsure people out there, we just gotta find them! We are on the hunt and have gottena  coupel references which is super sick! So it will be good! I love this, ill send some pics, are house is way small, so its kinda funny. If im still here in the winter im gonna be freezing cause theres nothing to heat up the house hahaha! 

But this week i was thinking about us and this generation, my generation the generation before and just the people here in the world right now and especially during this time of year, Ive noticed that we gotta put the stuff first that really matters, that is heavenly father and nuestro families! 

People want a God who doesnt excpect much or anything at all out of them? They want a God who just says ya do whatever ya want and it will be all good. Im sorry but thats not how it is, why are we not making time for our heavnly father and remmebering all that he has done for us. How can we say we are too busy for heavnly father? Too busy to go to church for a couple hours? i remmeber when i was back at home and i would tell people my church was from 9-12, man poeple thought i was crazy. Its only 9 am and its only 3 hours? we need to make sacrifices for those things that really matter, we cant say we are too busy for heavenly father or serving tohers! We have to make time for things that really matter! We have to serve our heavenly father! Pray, read the scriptures, serve heavenly father and I promise you! Whatever you are going thru and whatever is tough right now, it will be a whole lot better if your serve others!

Friends and family I love the gospel, this is mission thing is hard, this life thing is hard too, but there is a bigger plan! Trust in the plana nd go out and do! Im gonna try and do the same! I know the church is true and i hope everyone enjoys time witht heir family this christmas! I know i am gonna enjoy that 45 min i get to skype mine! Serve others and im gonna try too! Love you all!!! Until next week!!!

Love Elder Wertner

Monday, December 14, 2015

ey fam and friends!!!
Whats upppppp! bet yall are getting excited for christmas! Love this time of year! The time to celebrate the saviors birth and do it with family so awesome!
This week was sweet! First off we got someone we have been working with for a while with a baptism date again, this time it is legit! Like forsure she is gonna get baptized 2 of january! So excited, we had like a noche de hogar with her and her husband and like 4 other ward memebrs it was sweet! The memebrs from the sociedad de socorro are being really good and helping a lot so she feels so welcomed!
One thing i love here is the Once! its like dinner time and everyone goes to negocios and buys bread and they just eat bread and cheese and butter and like tomates! hahahah lately i have been loving it. same thing every night but it way good, its cause here if you diddnt know lunch is the main meal! Lunches are way good, its always a feast!
This week also we went to Osorno! We had a 70 come, Elder Texiera! He was awesome and it was sweet to hear from him and his wife! Man the leaders of the church know so much and are so uplifting and spirtual!
Also in Osorno i got to see a lot of people i know from my group and the mish and i saw Elder Griffin!!!!! Wohooooooo! I missed him hes one of my good buddies so it was awesome to see him!
Hahaha so cambios happened and i just found out i am leaving this sector......But yall know how huge the boundaries of this mission are, but i got transferred and am going to valdivia stake, so the stake right down the road! hahaha people say whats you come to valdivia you are just always here, but i am way stoked! My companion is gonna be Elder Rawlinson and he only has 6 weeks left in the mission! but i am way stoked! Very happy and i am ready to help out and work hard in a nother part of this mission! Sad im leaving this sector, especially right when we are about to have a baptism but its all good, cause ill just have to go find a bunch more people in the other sector!
Way happy! The mission is new things everday and change is always happening, just have to get use to it and try your best!
Cant wait to see yall on skype in less than 2 weeks!!! wohoooooooo 
Dang i almost have 6 months on the mish!
Mommmy your baby boy is growing up!!!!! hahahahaha love yall so much! The church is true and jesus christ is our savior! Rememebr him and remmeber others during this time of year, i know you all will!
#Missionlife #ballislife #roadtostate
Love yall!
Love Elder Wertner
P.S. im gonna try to send pics but no promises. this computer is making things difficult!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hey Yall!!!
How is it going this week, i need to step my game up with these emails, ive missed like 2 weeks! Thats my bad and im gonna not miss anopther week (dont write that down)
Well everything is well down here in Valdivia, It is getting hotttttt!!! Those people who told me in every sector in my mission i would be seeing penguins, I have a tough time imagining i will see a penguin in this heat. It has gotten real hot, I shouldve bopught more short sleeve shirts.
But it is all going well here, we are doing a lot of contacts and trying to find people. Not too much success but its coming i know the Lord will bless us! We have an investigator we have had for a long time, Elder Cleverly and I found him at the beginning of our training and me and Wlder Winward are still working with him, he has a problem with La palabra de sabiduría  and he wanted 6 months to give his stuff up but it was sweet cause he changed it and said he is gonna give it all up by december 15 and he is getting better everyday, so that is way sweet!
I cant believe it is already the last week of this cambio, Next wednesday we have cambios..... hahahah like a week before christmas! That will be crazy if i go somewhere before christmas, but if i stay sweet too! Me and my comp are working hard and looking for people!
The biggest thing i can tell you this past 2 weeks is how much i am thankful for the example of Jesus Christ and the Atonement in my life! The sacrifice he paid, to take upon himself the sins of the world is something none of us can pay back! Serving a mission for 2 years will not pay Christ back for the sacrifice he made for us, but it will help others know about his sacrifice and I know that it makes My savior and Heavenly father happy! If i can make them happy then man i must be livin the dream right?
This time of the year , everyone always says it "Focus on what really matters" I can hear alyssa and jessica saying it right now, probably talking about how we should donate all the family money that wouldve went to gifts go to a charity or soemthing, hey maybe theyll actually do it! But the point is Focus on the savior! Do something that would make him happy! If you do that, i promise you, you are doing the right thing! Apply the atonement in your life!
It is there, but we must apply it in our lives! Faith without works is dead my friends!!! Go out and do, Do as the savior did when he was on the earth! 
Love you all! Livin in a different country and tryin my best!!!
Love you!!!!!
Elder Wertner
Oh and p.s. the packages i got were so sweeeettttttt!!! means so much to me!!!!

He said its getting SO HOT in Chile!

                 Justin said he was so excited and happy to get all this candy in his packages!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hey Fam!!! And Friends!
Well I might be a couple days late but congrats medium mike and brookie! Married, i was worried a little sunday morning when i was at church and i was thinking "well wow brooke couldve totaly just ran away" Glad that didnt happen tho! Brooke is no longer a wertner!! Another one off the books right dad?
Hey but this week was good, we actually just got back from osorno cause my comp had to do some visa stuff, You would be surprised how excited we were hahaha. But it was fun! I got subway woooooohooooooo! It tASTED JUST LIKE IT DID IN THE STATES! So that was sweet. Well i think it did at least. But i felt the love cause i went to the mission office and had 4 packages waiting for me and some letters. i felt the love yall! pckages re sweet out here..... hint hint! Jk but this week was good, We found a lot of new people! one person in particular is really ready for the gosepl she has been looking for the church and all the ones she has gone to didnt feel rightand  has had some people pass away in her family as wel as some troubles. Talk about perfect timing and the exact time we went to her door she left the gate open because she was waiting for her son. So Heavenly father was pouring down the blessings!
We do a lot of contacting so im just trying to use my sense of humore during it and it helps alot! Everything is going well, the work is progressing and we are working hard! It still hasnt got that hot and its raining a lot but i like it a lot better! Sorry i dont know what else to say! 
But i love you all, Without a doubt in my mind this is where i am suppose to be! So grateful for all the examples i have in my life Especially my two older bros (jake and Big mike) who served missions! They might not know how much that example means to me while i am out here, but it means a lot!
Also i cant wait to make fun of brooke in spanish when I get back!
Love you!!!!!!!!
Elder Wertner!!1
Im gonna send more pics!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hey fam and friends!
Well didnt write last week cause i didnt have a lot of time and it was a tough week im not gonna lie!
But it has gotten better, for those who have been fasting, praying and thinking about me!
Thank you yall mean the world to me!
So first off i gotta say happy bday to my sister Jess this week! Wooohoooooo shes the bomb and any guys out ehre that might be reading this older then 18, shes single! Woohoooo but for real she is my best friend and i hope the bday is great!
Next Shoutout to brookie my sister and michael!!! they get married this week! I literallyt cannot believe it! Brooke is getting married!!!!!! woooohhhhoooo so stoked and i wish i could be there, but then i think about how if i was there i would be a best man (i better be right michael) then you have to stand in that line thing and shake everyones hands, so maybe its better im not right? hahah jk but that is so exciting yall are getting married especially since its in the temple!!!! So happy for yall!
This past two weeks have been tougher but they have gotten better, they always do! I was walking and just felt the wight on my shoulders and then i thought about someone, someone who had it a lot tougher then i did..... Troy bolton from high school musical! He had to decide between singing, basketball and the girl he loved? hahahah just kidding! I really thought that joke was funny tho!
But for real i have a lot of great examples in my life from friends and family but i was thinking about the savior and all he went through and he had it a little tougher then just a couple hundred doors slammed in your face right? He took upon the sins of the world for us, he thought about us! Now if thats not special i dont know what is!
Also thanks for all the bday wishes! Bday was a little different in the mission but it was good! Pretty normal day but we went to investigadores house and they had like chips and juice for me cause they knew it was my bday!
We have been doing a lot of contacting cause thats what we do, we are trying to find new people to teach but it can be tough sometimes1 Not everyone wants to hear the good word, none the less we are still bringing the world his truth!
Also i have a compañero his name is elder Winward and he is from utah! hes a nice guy, wow you should hear the chileans try to pronounce our names!!
We have a couple investigadores we are teaching but we are looking and the ones we have we are trying to increase their faith and lead them to the waters of baptism! That is why we are here!
I love you all, It stopped getting hotter and now it just rains hahah love it! But i love you all and if you have any questions or want to hear the good word, ask the missionaries, they would be love to help in anyway...... We are representantes de Jesucristo and that is why we are here!
Thanks for the bday wishes!
With much love!
Elder Wertner
!9 wowowwowowoowowow :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

A new companion!

Hey Yall!!!!!! hows my southern home, the south is the best isnt it? 
I hope halloween went well for everyone! It wasnt too big of a holiday here, pretty much a normal day! Today we are suppose to find out cambios and we still havent found out and usually we find out in the morning, so that makes me really want to know who my next companion will probably be! Im thinking it will be a latino, but i guess yall wont find out until next week, wow a lot of changes will happen this week forsure! Cant wait to tell yall, but for now this past week was really good! 
We have been finding a lot more people who are a lot more receptive and who need the gospel! The thing is we gotta find the people who need and want the gospel, some people just are not ready! but hey what are ya gonna do? Also i had an intercambio this week and i lead my sector and i know a lot more spanish then i thought, likeit was so sweet hahahaha and i just knew a lot more than i thought! We found people i think i told you about them and the lady is less active and she is less active for 18 years and she had a dream and her mom passed away a little bit a go and in the dream her mom was all in white outside of the temple and they both couldnt go in, and her mom told her she needs to hurry up! Which we take it as going back to church and going to the temple cause her mom and dad arent sealed! I was just like wow thank you heavenly father, you have made it a lot easier on us! Talk about a blessing!
Wait we got a call from the zone leaders and they said someones name the didnt know how to say it so i think he is american, sweet! who knows tho! 
But that story is sweet huh? We also got a new ward mission leader and he is excited about his calling and he just wants to do missionary work so it is awesome! That is what im talking about! He doesnt really know much and has trouble hearing but we are teaching him and he wants to be doing this calling so thats what makes it so awesome! 
also this week we had this dog who followed us everywhere, i know this is random but he followed us everywhere and he waited outside appointments for us and he would fight other dogs when they would try to bite us and we named him harry, and then he left one night and we never saw him again! But he straigt up just followed us everywhere we went like into houses and stuff it was weird haaha! 
Also we ran to a  mountain the other day in the morning and it was a prety sweet view of valdivia im going to send to yall!
It is awesome to be helping people, some people just need help! Because we are all weak lets be honest and this life is hard for all of us, but what builds us up is the savior and this gosepl!
I love you all and am so thankful for you all eevryday! No lie i pray for you all everyday!
With much love!
Elder Wertner

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday, October 26,2015

Hey Fam!!!
First off i cant believe this is my last week in training! This is crazy, time goes by way faster in the mission its kinda weird hahah! I am having fun tho, this is definitley who i am now! I AM A MISSIONARY WEIRD! I KNOW! This week we have been finding a lot of people and the spirit has been really guiding us! So here is a little story for yall that is in the works right now, A couple days ago we were knocking doors and knocking this street and in chile people have their houses and then they dont have backyards but there are houses behind the houses in front that are a lot smaller and kind of hiding but people live there. So we were knocking a street we knocked the front house and then were walking to the next house and in the corner of my eye i saw another house in the back and we walked past and then of course...... Bam! I kinda gotta a prompting "Elder go back" Then i was like okay well why would i not listen..... so i told elder cleverly and of course we went back there and we knocked on the door and a lady answered and told us to come back the next day around the same time. Well that always happens so we didnt think anything of it, but we of course went back and they invited us in, we found out she was baptized 18 years ago and she moved from santiago and she doesnt really remmeber the church at all, but her kids and husband arent members either. Well they are really receptive and then they wanted us to come back the next day and we taught them La restauración and her husband excepted a date to be baptized and she is so receptive and needs the gospel in her life! We found out she had cancer a while back as well as her mom passed away about a year ago. It is really awesome and they are really awesome and want to learn, plus this always set appointments for in the afternoon, which is always tougher to get appointments at so that is a plus! haha but it awesome!
We contact a lot of people in a day and lately we have been finding a lot more receptive people! We are always working hard and trying to find people, some days we have nothing but other days it seems like it is just going so well, it is the timing and its the Lords timing not ours! It is so awesome to see the fruits from our labors! 
Also on sunday they had the primary program here in our ward and there is only like 7 poeple in the primary but man does everyone show up, primary program is hype! hahahaha it makes me miss izzy! Love you izzy! 
Also it is starting to get warmer here, yeah that is good in the mornings but it is already really hot, we walk so much and there is no such thing as AC, SO IT IS HOT during the day! cant wait for summer hahahah! but everything is good! I feel really blessed and am really happy to be where i am! Thank you all for your support and all you do for me! This gospel is true and i know it with all my heart!
Lots os Love (as jessica would say)
Love Elder Wertner
also we visited the lobo marino again and we got closer so i have some better pics for yall!
Love you bunches:)

"No lie, I was kind of scared, that thing tried to EAT MY FACE OFF!!!"

Monday, October 19, 2015

First off, Happy birthday S/O to my best friend and sister brookie!!!!!! Your bday is tomorrow but yay, and we all know the reason you are getting married like 4 weeks after your bday! Just so you can tel your kids you got married at 21 hahaha! Hope its the best brooke:)
This week was good, its funny cause whenever anyone writes me nd tels me how on their phone the weather is going to be good, it always just starts raining super hard! But this past wee was good, we go a schedule change so we walk a lot more so somedays we walk no lie 15-20 miles, i kid you not! 
So dont get me wrong, my spanish isnt that good at all, but it has efinitley improved a lot! But soemtimes e are teaching and i am talking and i am just thinking in my head..... Wow i cant believe this actually working and im making sense in a different language! haha its way awesome and its funny too! 
Our investigators are all really progressing, but sadly all the baptism dates have fallen, but all 5 of them, the two different families, tell us how they know they are going to get baptized and the best part is they love going to church. They just want more time to learn different things but we are working with them, bu there wont be a baptism this month most likely it will be next month and next cambio! But either way it is one of the coolest things evr o see people turn their lives around and just believe in this gospel! it is a huge testimony builder to me! 
We play this game always in nuestro noche de hogares and its way fun is called the papa sacama but its like hot potato but its funny cause everone likes it and we had a Noche de Hogar this past week and there were a bunch of kids and adults just loving it! Its so sweet, its my favorite game!  Also here its funny how much nicer andmore receptive people are whe the weather is nice, ause for like 3 days it poured rain and was super windy and then the sun came out and the weather was os much better and people were just so much nicer hahaha! 
I dont have any huge stories like getting atacked by penguins or anything like that but a lot happens ina  day and espcially a week so i is hard to remember everything! But we are working hard and trying our best, the work is progressing and i have seen it these last 2 cambios and it is truly amazing to see! Just to see people trying to be better and build their faith, No matter what others think!
I love you all! Next week ill try to send a cool story and write it down but for now yall rock! Love you tons! 
Also check out this pic?  i found jessicas car in chile? weird huh?
Hahahaha jk love you jess!
Love you all!
Elder Wertner

Monday, October 12, 2015

Still getting his McDonald's YAY

Hey Everyone!!!
So this week was good, its starting to get warmer here so we really don't see our breath in the morning in the house anymore, which is actually very nice!
Our investigators are really progressing, we have 2 different families we are teaching who have baptismal date and are doing really well. They love church so that's awesome!! Both the families tell us that they are going to get baptized, but its just about when. They want more time to learn different things, which is all good cause its the Lords time! But for us i think it is important to remember we cant know everything and we never will, we aren't just going to have a huge miracle happen to conform to us that it is true, sometimes it is just that small small voice and feeling of good in our hearts! They are starting to realize that and its really awesome cause both the families have just changed and progressed so much! Its also so awesome to see how much they love going to church! all 5 with baptismal date came this sunday and it was testimony meeting and the testimonies were perfect and it was just so awesome! 
So this week it was about time to start making the trek home, we were walking and we talked to a guy in the street and he started crying and he was agreeing with everything he said and he told us he had a vision and stuff, that was awesome but he lives in Osorno so we gave the other missionaries his info. But here a lot of people say they have visions, hey its possible right? sometimes we think we cant have those miracles, but miracles are possible! Either way like i said we don't need to have some huge miracle, we just have to have faith!!
Also this week we went to less active and ate lunch and wowwwwwwwwwwww, we feasted! She hooks us up with food, it was straight up meat on top of french fires, and then we got some ice cream! I havent had ice cream for like 4 months besides the mcdonalds sometimes, but this was like american ice cream it was legit! I was so full it hurt hahaha! (no worries im still working out and huge:))
Also just everyday teaching our investigators and different people the commandments, i see how much other peoples faith are being strengthened! They give up some old addictions or habits they have been doing for their whole lives and they're happier and they are just willing to change!! It definitely strengthens my testimony about how i can do better!
We can always do better, Right? 
Also the house we leave in with the other two elders is a lot of fun and we are all good buddies, its not really like the best two years cause we are never actually really in our house cause we are bringing the gospel to the world, but when we are its fun! I love it!
The gospel is true family and friends! I have learned so much more than i could possibly learn anywhere else, I am very happy and blessed to be serving here!
I love yall!!!!!
Love Elder Wertner

Monday, October 5, 2015

Well this week was awesome, We all know why!!!! Its because it was conference weekend and it was just so awesome, I loved it! We got to watch it in English, all of the sesionas so it was way cool. 
This week all of our investigators have been progressing and it has been awesome, they came to one session of conference which was sweet, they got to hear the profeta speak! That is something we can never take for granted caue it is just so special and awesome to hear the leaders of our church speak! Also 3 new apostles, that is crazy and they are so young and gave powerful testimonies! 
I have gotten a lot out of this week, But i really have noticed how a mission is changing me and my testimony is being strengthened so much! I am not only helping convert others i am constantly converting myself, This life is tough and difficult and there are so many different distractions and different things, thats why we need to constantly be involved in this gospel, Like my good ole father says "everyday you put your head on your pillow and go to sleep, you either got better or got worse" it is the same with our testimonies and our faith, our faith is either strengthened or weakened! This is why we are given challenges and difficulties!
Not super interesting things to tell you this week, we are out here teaching the gospel and working hard, this sector has really really really progressed in the last 8 weeks, it is so awesome to see and it is truly a blessing! This week we also had zone conference with the mission and president Obeso and his wife spake and the APs and it was really good and motivating, this mission is awesome, the best mission in the world for sure! The work is progressing and it is so awesome to see! I am so proud and happy to be a missionary, It i such a short time in my life to be a missionary, 2 years isnt very long! So I am most definitley enjoying it while i can, it is so awesome to be 100 percent dedicated to the work and to the Lord, that is why we are here! 
I really loved all a lot of things in conference, but two different talks really stood out to me.......
1) Elder Holland gave a talk and Christ and mothers! Wow, I just want to say how thankful and blessed i am for my mommy! She is the kindest person ever and is always leading by example, I am so very thankful for her, she has done so much for me and his been so supportive of me no matter what i am doing! SOOO LOVE YOU MOM! 
2) Also I forgot who gave it but it was about how we should "ponderize" Which means to study and kinda memorize a scripture once a week, put it up in your house somewhere and do it, how awesome would that be! Lets try and do it for 2 years? who's in? That would be sweet i hope you all do it! 
We are so lucky to have the wonderful leaders in this church who have been called by God, The world is changing and the standards are different everyday but in the End it doesn't matter, live your faith and be an example! These callings and commandments have come by God, Not by man! Man cant change that! 
I a so blessed to be apart of this church an be where i am today in Valdivia Chile! Thanks for all of those who support me! I love you all!
Everything in here in Chile is awesome, I love it!! Thanks for the support! Keep the faith:)
Love Elder Wertnerrrrrrrrrrrrrr:)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 28, 2015 Letter!

Hey fam!!!!! and friends!!!!!
Hope yall are well! this week was awesome! so many blessings from the lord with our investigators. We have had a couple lessons with juan and his wife and grandson and they are awesome, they are really nice family and are just understanding things more every day! they came to church as well and really liked it so its really cool that they are progressing and we are working for that baptismal date, because that is the first step in this church is baptism! So many wonderful wonderful blessings come after we follow tha example of the savior and are baptized by imersion, we recieve the gift of the holy ghost! how awesome is that? Then so many wonderful things follow! They are really doing well and the Lord is blessings us forsure!
Also this week we had some lessons with jose and carmen and one was at a members house and we were praying for what members could help us and we just found the perfect members that get along with them so well it was awesome! The lesson was about plan of salvation and we watched a video of jesus christ where the spirit was so strong in the room it was such a great feeling! I just love feeling tha spirit so strongly, reminds me of the good ole priest qurorm days! (For you priests reading this! Take advantage of it, you guys are way lucky you have no idea! those leaders we have are some of the best!!!!) No worries dahl i got your back. 
But in the lesson with jose and carmen it was so perfect cause the members and them got along so well and jose didnt have glasses and the miembro gave him his pair, sweeeeetttt! also they came to church and said they wanted to bring their grandaughter, so that was pretty cool! 
also for some reason this week everyone has just feeding us so much food, just like giving us bags of bread, empanadas, a box of cookies, a legit box! so that was sweet! But this week has been so great! its funny sometimes little bad things happen, but its like the light takes over the darkness, you cant remember the bad at all! The blessings of the Lord are so awesome!
Also we go a new person in our house whos from utah and in training and hes cool, but its just weird that i am not he youngest person in the mission now so weird! hahaha but i still got a lot of time and a lot of work to do! We are working hard out here, sure its tough sometimes, but thats life! Nothing is better and more beneficial then this gospel and following the example of our savior! I hope you all tune in and watch conference this week, member or nonmember! what ever you are going through, you will recieve your answer through conference! 
Thanks for everything yall! you guys are awesome!
As my dear older brother would say "Im livin the dream"- Jake Wertner
Love Elder Wertner

P.S. today me and elder cleverly went down by the river and there were wallrusses (no se how to spell this but yall know what i mean)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Yayyy for Monday emails!!

Hey Yall!!! (trying no to forget my southern roots)
So his week was really good. I've learned the mission goes by weeks not days, events that happen are what i remember! 
Tuesday was awesome! The Lord reallyblessed  us. First the other day about a week or two ago it was late at night and time to go home and we felt the prompting to knock on a door, it was freezing and raining but we knocked on the door and a man came to the door and said he didnt have time but to come back (I have heard that one before) So we didnt think much of it........ Then on Tuesday,  we went to his house on and had a lesson with him, he said he has been looking and praying for what church was right and his brother who lives in Santiago has been a member for like a year, he actually told his brother a couple days before that if the missionaries came by his house he would let him in, and then like the next day we knocked on his door. We have another appointment with him and his wife tonight, he is really receptive. What I realized is how the lord is preparing people, its all about timing and the promptings of the spirit, if we knock on a door 99 times it can do nothing but that 100th time could be the time they really need it and have been praying for. how awesome is the Lord, he is looking out for us individually and loves us all!!! I just love it!
Jose and carmen accepted fecha for baptism and for the 17th of octoberand we were teaching them and carmen was like crying in the prayer and they are doing good and doing everthing they need to and are really receptive! so we are going to keep working with them so i hope it keeps going well! This week will be a little tougher cause its the week of the 18th..... Here thats their national independence day, its like 4th of july but a lot more eating and partying so its a little tougher to get appointments with some people! But im kinda excited cause all the food, the food here is unreal! I had my first pichanga the other night and its unreal, such different meats and potatoes, but the appointment ended at like 955 and we had to run home, i had to eat so much and so fast! Its so good yall have no idea:)
Also the youth here are way strong, the two young men in our word just have the best and strongest testimonies, it amazes me how much faith they have! Just makes me so thankful for the leaders we have back home!! This past saturday we had a noche de hogar (Family home evening) They love those here! They're so fun and there was a decent amount of people, we played a game which was super fun and everyone loved and shared a video about Christ and how He Lives, love those videos about christ, my testimony is strengthened every time i watch them! and they made little pizzas, which i havent had pizza in a while so it was sweet!! Also i finally got my package this week so thanks mom and dad! It was awesome i was so excited plus i got some no flea infested shirts which rock, hahahah! 
Well i just want all of you, Family, Friends, Anyone who is reading this, I want you to know about my testimony of Jesus Christ and this gospel! My testimony is strengthened everyday and i am just so thankful for the sacrifice and example of Jesus Christ! This gospel is true and i am 100 percent sure of that! There is nohing in my life that brings me more joy!! I love you all! Thanks for the example you constantly set for me!!!!!!
Love you!!!!
Love Elder Wertner

Monday, September 7, 2015

A 2 Year Camp Out

Fist off i just gotta say S/O to my cuz who heads into the MTC this week, what a stud, I know you will do awesome! And S/O to the collierville 1st ward cause the leaders are awesome, once Bryce and Chad go in thats everyone from our group!!! yall rock!!!So this week was good, started off slower but the end of the week was so awesome! 
This week I had my first inter cambio, idk what they call it in english mission but like inter switches? I dont know its where you switch for a day, I cant remember the word hahaha, but I  was with the district leader Elder Swanson and I went to his sector. It was cool to go to another sector and work, we got two people for baptism dates which was so awesome, and my Spanish got way better this week, it was awesome!! Sometimes I get a little worried about it but then I realize I havent been in the mission for super long and now I know a lot, like I can understand basically everything everyone saying. The Lord blesses us!!!
Sunday was way awesome, fasting really works! We were way blessed. Also hahahaha this sunday we woke up and like got a call about day light savings and stuff and like started freaking out cause it was after studying and we would have been late to church and church would have already started, but then I guess someone was playing a joke on us cause Chile doesnt do daylight savings anymore, they just stopped doing that haha I dont know why but I like it! so we were good and on time with church! At church we had about 4 less actives come that we have been working with which is way awesome. We were excpecting two investigators, joes and carmen, to come cause they said they would and then 10:10 came and they werent there..... then 10:20..... nope and I was just praying and they showed up at like 10:30 and it was fast Sunday and all the members were bearing their testimonies and it was so awesome!! You have no idea how happy I was when I saw them walk in, it was so awesome! Then after, like all of the ward went up and hugged and kissed them (in Chile everyone kisses on the cheek as a hello so no its not weird) and they were just so welcoming. Then jose was like yeah we are coming back every week now, hahah it was so awesome! I'm saying hahaha cause im so stoked!!! Tonight we are teaching them again so it should be good, its a huge step here when investigators or members assist church cause its not as easy as you think to assist church, some walk a couple miles in the rain to get here, so its so awesome when they come! 
Also our members and Bishop are really starting to work with us, we had ward counsel and it was awesome, our bishop was leading it and getting everyone involved and it was so awesome to see that cause thats what we have been needing and praying for and it just helps so much when you have ward members helping and buying in! 
Everything this weekend is starting to click and its awesome, now we just gotta get rid of these fleas...... just kidding mom they're fine:)
My Spanish is getting a little better each day, the Lord is blessing me, as long as I try my best and put in the effort he will do the rest and I know that is 100 percent true!!! 
Wow the food here is so good too, I love it, when a member has us over for Sunday lunches with members, nothing is better! The weather has also been way good, this morning when I woke up I didn't see my breath as much which sounds funny and you think im kidding but it was awesome, plus we got some wood for a fire! Also, thanks old man for your sleeping bag! cause its clutch and this is like a 2 YEAR CAMPOUT ITS WAY FUN!
Thanks for all of yalls examples!!! I love you all so much! Keep doing your best and remember the Lord is there every step of the way!!!

Love you All!
Love Elder Wertner

P.S. Im sending pics and yeah I still can throw it down a little!:)

Monday, August 31, 2015


This week was good! It hasnt stopped rainning since I last talked to yall (except for today the sun is out) but its so good! The rain here literally pours! like We sometimes gotta dig a little deeper and push through the rain and wind, which the wind is way strong here haha! Hahah it pretty funny sometimes, I love it!
I forgot what day it was but someday this week all of our citas got cancelled and we didnt get into 1 house! Not one!!!! Everyone we talked to and every door we knocked all said it was too cold and rainy outside and it was rainning too hard to talk!
That was a lot of water that day, it just straight up poured non stop! (Im sending pic of me and elder cleverly just sitting in the puring rain) what i realized is theres no such thing as something being waterproof, cause its just not true. Come here and you will see! We put all of our stuff in bags and then put them in our bacpacks! that same day where we were walking down the street and it was pouring rain, I just started laughing cause i was just thinking, Dang this is it right here!, but we never got upset or down and we kept working hard! Next couple of days were way good, we found a couple new investigators, two were old investigators in the area book from like 2010, but theyre named Jose and Carmen! and the other day we went and stopped by and the read a little of the Book of Mormon and and the plan of salvation pamphelet! and they said it is true and the believe i! so now we just gotta get them to church! That is the biggest thing here, getting people to church, it is difficult because everyone is working like 7 to 9 hereª plus when it is really bad weather here it is tough to get to church for people cause no one has cars so everyone is just walking!
Sunday we had stake conference and so a 70 came and spoke which was way good! our mission president and his wife came down and spoke to and its really good! hahh sometimes i have this moment and i am sitting there listening to the person talk and i am just like wow!......This is a different language. Still learning spanish everyday here! I hve a long way to go but it is good! i learn more each day!
also this week we knocked this one door and this ldy answered and she was kinda laughing and about to slam the door and she told us she was apart of a different faith, then we just asked...... Hey would you like to be with your family for eternity! and she sat there for like a minute and didnt say anything and then asked us if it was possible....... then we talked on her doorstep about the plan of salvation for like 15 min! it was so cool, the spirit works and i saw it there in that instance! now we have a return appointment! 
The weeks here are just a day i feel like, so much happens in one day its tough to remmeber it all (Dont worry mommy im writing in my journal everyday) but it is so awesome!
Everything is great here! im learning a lot and having fun! We work realy hard and are obdeient and we are blessed for that, sure there are some tough days but thats life! The great thing about life and the mission is tomorrow theres always a chance to do better!
i love you all and hope you are all doing well and are everyone is into the swing of things with school starting back up! I love you all!!!!! 
Love Elder Wertner

Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Monday

Whats up Everyone!
Another week in Chile has gone bye!!!!!
Ok i feel like i need to explain Chile a little better. The food is way good here, here breakfast isnt really a thing but the lunches are huge and its like a three course meal, its sooooooo good!!1 then dinner is caled "Once" and its just usually a bunch of bread and stuff and sandwhiches. Way good! I didnt talk about fleas much cause they werent really bad, but its starting to not be as cold so the fleas are coming out (Mommmmyyyy dont worry ill be alright) im just itching everywhere, but im kinda use to them from the tennessee bed bugs but these are a litle more intense, but i am fine! Its not like they hurt or anything hahaha! 
Oh i dont know if i said this in the last email but also here we have to cut wood everymorning, there is no such thing as in door heating here, everyone in every house just uses fire to heat up the house. Cutting wood is a pretty good workout though so it is good in the morning, but those mornings where we dont have fire....... We study in our sleeping bags and we can see our breathe! Hahaha its pretty funny, getting out of bed is the worst but once we are out of bed we are wide awake thats forsure. oh als we have bunk beds (reminds me of the good ole days before jake left on his mission and i slept on the top bunk cause thats kinda how it is now) but its good stuff! When it rains here it just straightup poors!!!!! You get all different kinds of rain here, light rain, heavy rain, the rain that hurts, just it all...... It reminds me of forest gump when he is talking about all different kinds of rain, hahahah its so how it is1 But this clutch rain jacket my loving parents got me is awsome!
I dont know if i said this last week but we are in a house with two other elders so its pretty cool, theyre great guys! Friday we gave a lesson to this family and the spirit was so strong, one of the best times i have had (no dahl not as good as priest quroum but close) but it was so awesome, but it didnt workout. I have had doors slammed on me so many times and people actually like run away from us and just get rejected by people. it was sad cause we bore our testimonies and the spirit was so strong its like we could touch it. The point i am getting at is sometimes we just think our life is soooooo tough and we just wish the days away or just think no one can know what we are going through. but i want you to remmeber someone who went through it all, Jesus Christ our savior! He went through a lot more then any of us can ever imagine! I want you all to go look up this video "the Atonement and missionary Work" It is one of the bst videos i have seen! Remember who is always right beside you and can be your best friend, he wont forget about you so dont foget about him!!! and dont say you dont have time to watch the video or youll get to it later, i have heard that excuses a lot and its not true! Make time for the things that really matter!!
Here in chile there is a lot of reactivation to be done, a lot of inactive members to help. We had an awesome lesson last night with one of them and we talked about temples and families forever, the spirit was so strong it was crazy!!! everyone was crying and they made it their goal to come back to church and focus on the temple! I saw them one of my first days here and in 2 weeks they have already come so far it was awesome!! You have no idea how much joy it brought and still brings me! 
The other day on saturday i am pretty sure (The days all become one, time goes bye faster on the mission..... now i know what Jake, and big mike were talking about) But we taught 4 lessons and got 5 new investigators, which is tough to do but the lord blessed us and put those people in our path!
I am on a mission to help and teach the poeple of chile and right now Martinez De Rosas about the restored Gospel of Jesus christ, I am not here to teach those poele who are not ready and just want to argue, We have been called to teach people who are prepared for us. 
Oh also something funny was the school hre starts at like 2 and gets out at like 5 hahahahahahah! so funny! But chile is awesome! i love it, funny becaue here they all listen to mostly american music but i am pretty sure they have no idea what theyre saying hahaa!
i love chile its awesome, the mission is tough but i recieve so much happiness and joy from what i was doing. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else!
I love you all, Keep the faith!!
 Elder Wertner

Monday, August 17, 2015

First Week in Chile!

Hey everyone wow i have so much to tell you! Chile is straight up beautiful! I am going to try and send you all a bunch of pictures so i hope they eventually go through! I am in Valdivia and my sector is Martinez De rosas and that is our ward. My companion is Elder Cleverly, hes awsome and he is from california. We work really hard together and are always just constantly working! We walk about 15-20 miles a day! I am so tired when we get home that when i go to sleep i just wake up because times already up and its already the morning.Also here it is very very very cold and im pretty north too, it is freezing and when it rains it can be pretty bad but it is awesome. At night im so physically and mentally tired but my spirit is stronger and feels awesome! 
Here there is a lot of reactivation that we do, a lot of inactive members and so we are trying to get a lot of them back to church. Our ward is about 35-40 people theyre all really awesome people! Yesterday i went up and bore my testimony and introduced myself! I will tell you guys what, the spanish is different and they talk super fast but i am learning, it is tough but the lord blesses me and i am very thanful for that. 
Also i had a really cool experience, it was one of the best i have had. I had my first baptism invitation!! Her name is Irma and her daughter is named elizabet and is a less active. The spirit was super strong in the lesson and we asked her if she thought the book of mormon are true and joseph smith was a tru prophet and she said yes! Then i asked her if she would be baptized and she said...... YES!!! Wow it was awesome..... Her baptismal date is for the 19th of september! It was so exciting and the spirit was so strong. It was so strong her daughter was crying and stuff it was crazy, the cool thing was i understood most of it and i know that was the gift of tongues and the Lord helping me!! How awesome this work is! We now have two people with baptism dates and hopefully 3 after tonight
HAHA wow there are so many cats and dogs everywhere here all around the streets, just laying around flea infested probably like million no joke! The mission is really ups and downs and i am really starting to see that! Every moment is like a roller coaster ride, it is crazy!! Its so good though! 
It is kind of un real being out here right now, being on a mission and everything its just unreal hahahaha. I know everyone is starting back up school, I think today? but i hope it is awesome! Tear it up yall and have fun! Oh yeah the food is real good here, we had this thing called a completo that is a hot dog with a bunch of meats wow it was so good, it had all these toppings..... DAD you would just love it!!!!! But food is way good here!!!
Chile is awesome and i am having a good time and learning a lot, i am a greeny and there is a lot of work to do, it is definitley really hard at times but then i remmeber all of you and i especially remmeber the savior and his example!!! 
I love you all and miss you like crazy! Treat all the missionaries good wwhenever you see them, just imagineif that was me? Would you let them in? would you offer them something to eat?
I hope you all are well and i know you are doing awesome things!!!
Love you all 
Love Elder Wertner
P.S. If you want to send letters or packages send it to the mission home, i would love some candy:)
Love you ALLLLLL!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Elder Wertner has made it to Chile!

Elder Wertner made it to Chile yesterday! He was able to call us for a few minutes during a layover in Santiago on his way from Mexico to Osorno! He sounded so great! He is doing so awesome and kept saying how much he loves the mission and being a missionary! He said he's been praying for everyone and is so happy! We just love our missionary so much!! 
He got to Osorno last night and his mission president gave him and the other elders time to write their families a letter and then his mission president emailed it to us!
We're not sure yet when his new P-Day (preparation) will be! Thanks so much for beings so supportive of Justin!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Last full week in the MTC

**Justin leaves the MTC this Monday and heads for CHILE!
You can send him a last minute package or letter today or tomorrow and he will get it before he leaves using 
Just click on the upper right link that says Mexico MTC and all you need is his name :)
We've been able to send a couple packages and he's received them all!

Well first off let me just say how much i love my family, I have been truly blessed with a wonderful family and I am just so grateful for them! Me and my sister brookie have always been best friends whether it was playing bball 1 on 1 since i can remember or her being my best and really only friend and taking good care of me when we moved to tennessee and i did not have really any friends! She really is my best friend............ AND NOW SHE IS ENGAGED!!!!!! S/O TO BROOKE AND MICHAEL! I am so excited for you both! I wish i could be there but i know yall are going to have the best time ever and i am just so happy!!!!
Okay so pretty much same old same old here but this will be last time i write you guys from Mexico, because monday at 1030pm i leave for chile!!! its about an 8 1/2 hour flight to santiago and then we have about like a 6 hour layover and then we fly to OPsorno which is about 1 1/2 hours away. So during the layover i dont know if i will be able to call or not but i will try!!! so if i do call it will be like 8 or 9 am chile time, but if i cant dont be sad mommy and dad!!!! but i will try my best so just be ready tuesday morning! I am pretty sure it is 2 hours ahead of yall so probably like 7 amyour time, i will try! not forsure tho! 
This week we watched a live devotional from Russell M. Neilson whos new president of the quorom of the 12! it was very good its so awesome to hear apostles speak!!! I love it! There is a really good quote i heard in one of our devotionals and i have heard it a couple times before..... "You dont recieve your answer for your prayers until after the trial of your faith" I love this quote it is so true, sometimes in life i feel like we just want want want and we think when we pray we should just get the answer right away! But thats not how it works, we are on this earth to be tested, and through prayer heavenly Father helps us but we are here to be tested, he gives us trials that he knows we can overcome and that are necessary for not just yourself but others! We have to remmeber it is isnt about us sometimes but it is about serving others and then after that our testimony will grow and i know that we will become better people in when we are serving others!
Tuesday was our last pizza night and thats sad, hahahahaha but i ate 8 slices so i ended on a good note! We had TRC again and that went really well, everytime we do TRC it just makes me even more excited for being out in chile and everyday i get the opportunity to teach people about something i love so so so much!!! And they have no idea about it! 
Well i have had so much fun here and i have made some good friends and there are some awesome people, The MTC has been good and i feel like i have learned a lot but i still have a lot to learn!!! i am so unbelieveably stoked to be serving the people of chile!!! Next time yall talk to me i will be on a different continent! How crazy is that? I just cant wait!! I love my district and it is kinda sad that elder Asay, Elder Rollins, Hermana barney and Arave are all going to the states so i wont really get to talk to them for like 2 years but i wish they were going to Chile! But its all good, I have been truly blessed and i am thankful for my time here! I love you all and pray for you all everyday!
Yo se que la iglesia es verdad y yo se que mediante jesucristo y la expiacion my familia puede por eturnidad! yo estoy muy agradecido por la oppurnidad servir un mision! yo amor ustedes!!!!
Love you all! keep the faith and never give up!!!!
Love Elder Wertner
Hey this pic was taken about 30 seconds ago so talk about a live update! Yall are all basically here with me;)