Justin will be spending the next two years serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He will be serving in the Chile, Osorno mission and teaching the people of Osorno the gospel. He will spend two months in Mexico City at the Missionary Training Center learning Spanish and being trained as a missionary. In mid August he will leave Mexico and head to Chile. We will be using this blog to post weekly emails and pictures from Justin and to keep you all updated on Justin's adventures in Chile!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday, October 26,2015

Hey Fam!!!
First off i cant believe this is my last week in training! This is crazy, time goes by way faster in the mission its kinda weird hahah! I am having fun tho, this is definitley who i am now! I AM A MISSIONARY WEIRD! I KNOW! This week we have been finding a lot of people and the spirit has been really guiding us! So here is a little story for yall that is in the works right now, A couple days ago we were knocking doors and knocking this street and in chile people have their houses and then they dont have backyards but there are houses behind the houses in front that are a lot smaller and kind of hiding but people live there. So we were knocking a street we knocked the front house and then were walking to the next house and in the corner of my eye i saw another house in the back and we walked past and then of course...... Bam! I kinda gotta a prompting "Elder go back" Then i was like okay well why would i not listen..... so i told elder cleverly and of course we went back there and we knocked on the door and a lady answered and told us to come back the next day around the same time. Well that always happens so we didnt think anything of it, but we of course went back and they invited us in, we found out she was baptized 18 years ago and she moved from santiago and she doesnt really remmeber the church at all, but her kids and husband arent members either. Well they are really receptive and then they wanted us to come back the next day and we taught them La restauraciĆ³n and her husband excepted a date to be baptized and she is so receptive and needs the gospel in her life! We found out she had cancer a while back as well as her mom passed away about a year ago. It is really awesome and they are really awesome and want to learn, plus this always set appointments for in the afternoon, which is always tougher to get appointments at so that is a plus! haha but it awesome!
We contact a lot of people in a day and lately we have been finding a lot more receptive people! We are always working hard and trying to find people, some days we have nothing but other days it seems like it is just going so well, it is the timing and its the Lords timing not ours! It is so awesome to see the fruits from our labors! 
Also on sunday they had the primary program here in our ward and there is only like 7 poeple in the primary but man does everyone show up, primary program is hype! hahahaha it makes me miss izzy! Love you izzy! 
Also it is starting to get warmer here, yeah that is good in the mornings but it is already really hot, we walk so much and there is no such thing as AC, SO IT IS HOT during the day! cant wait for summer hahahah! but everything is good! I feel really blessed and am really happy to be where i am! Thank you all for your support and all you do for me! This gospel is true and i know it with all my heart!
Lots os Love (as jessica would say)
Love Elder Wertner
also we visited the lobo marino again and we got closer so i have some better pics for yall!
Love you bunches:)

"No lie, I was kind of scared, that thing tried to EAT MY FACE OFF!!!"

Monday, October 19, 2015

First off, Happy birthday S/O to my best friend and sister brookie!!!!!! Your bday is tomorrow but yay, and we all know the reason you are getting married like 4 weeks after your bday! Just so you can tel your kids you got married at 21 hahaha! Hope its the best brooke:)
This week was good, its funny cause whenever anyone writes me nd tels me how on their phone the weather is going to be good, it always just starts raining super hard! But this past wee was good, we go a schedule change so we walk a lot more so somedays we walk no lie 15-20 miles, i kid you not! 
So dont get me wrong, my spanish isnt that good at all, but it has efinitley improved a lot! But soemtimes e are teaching and i am talking and i am just thinking in my head..... Wow i cant believe this actually working and im making sense in a different language! haha its way awesome and its funny too! 
Our investigators are all really progressing, but sadly all the baptism dates have fallen, but all 5 of them, the two different families, tell us how they know they are going to get baptized and the best part is they love going to church. They just want more time to learn different things but we are working with them, bu there wont be a baptism this month most likely it will be next month and next cambio! But either way it is one of the coolest things evr o see people turn their lives around and just believe in this gospel! it is a huge testimony builder to me! 
We play this game always in nuestro noche de hogares and its way fun is called the papa sacama but its like hot potato but its funny cause everone likes it and we had a Noche de Hogar this past week and there were a bunch of kids and adults just loving it! Its so sweet, its my favorite game!  Also here its funny how much nicer andmore receptive people are whe the weather is nice, ause for like 3 days it poured rain and was super windy and then the sun came out and the weather was os much better and people were just so much nicer hahaha! 
I dont have any huge stories like getting atacked by penguins or anything like that but a lot happens ina  day and espcially a week so i is hard to remember everything! But we are working hard and trying our best, the work is progressing and i have seen it these last 2 cambios and it is truly amazing to see! Just to see people trying to be better and build their faith, No matter what others think!
I love you all! Next week ill try to send a cool story and write it down but for now yall rock! Love you tons! 
Also check out this pic?  i found jessicas car in chile? weird huh?
Hahahaha jk love you jess!
Love you all!
Elder Wertner

Monday, October 12, 2015

Still getting his McDonald's YAY

Hey Everyone!!!
So this week was good, its starting to get warmer here so we really don't see our breath in the morning in the house anymore, which is actually very nice!
Our investigators are really progressing, we have 2 different families we are teaching who have baptismal date and are doing really well. They love church so that's awesome!! Both the families tell us that they are going to get baptized, but its just about when. They want more time to learn different things, which is all good cause its the Lords time! But for us i think it is important to remember we cant know everything and we never will, we aren't just going to have a huge miracle happen to conform to us that it is true, sometimes it is just that small small voice and feeling of good in our hearts! They are starting to realize that and its really awesome cause both the families have just changed and progressed so much! Its also so awesome to see how much they love going to church! all 5 with baptismal date came this sunday and it was testimony meeting and the testimonies were perfect and it was just so awesome! 
So this week it was about time to start making the trek home, we were walking and we talked to a guy in the street and he started crying and he was agreeing with everything he said and he told us he had a vision and stuff, that was awesome but he lives in Osorno so we gave the other missionaries his info. But here a lot of people say they have visions, hey its possible right? sometimes we think we cant have those miracles, but miracles are possible! Either way like i said we don't need to have some huge miracle, we just have to have faith!!
Also this week we went to less active and ate lunch and wowwwwwwwwwwww, we feasted! She hooks us up with food, it was straight up meat on top of french fires, and then we got some ice cream! I havent had ice cream for like 4 months besides the mcdonalds sometimes, but this was like american ice cream it was legit! I was so full it hurt hahaha! (no worries im still working out and huge:))
Also just everyday teaching our investigators and different people the commandments, i see how much other peoples faith are being strengthened! They give up some old addictions or habits they have been doing for their whole lives and they're happier and they are just willing to change!! It definitely strengthens my testimony about how i can do better!
We can always do better, Right? 
Also the house we leave in with the other two elders is a lot of fun and we are all good buddies, its not really like the best two years cause we are never actually really in our house cause we are bringing the gospel to the world, but when we are its fun! I love it!
The gospel is true family and friends! I have learned so much more than i could possibly learn anywhere else, I am very happy and blessed to be serving here!
I love yall!!!!!
Love Elder Wertner

Monday, October 5, 2015

Well this week was awesome, We all know why!!!! Its because it was conference weekend and it was just so awesome, I loved it! We got to watch it in English, all of the sesionas so it was way cool. 
This week all of our investigators have been progressing and it has been awesome, they came to one session of conference which was sweet, they got to hear the profeta speak! That is something we can never take for granted caue it is just so special and awesome to hear the leaders of our church speak! Also 3 new apostles, that is crazy and they are so young and gave powerful testimonies! 
I have gotten a lot out of this week, But i really have noticed how a mission is changing me and my testimony is being strengthened so much! I am not only helping convert others i am constantly converting myself, This life is tough and difficult and there are so many different distractions and different things, thats why we need to constantly be involved in this gospel, Like my good ole father says "everyday you put your head on your pillow and go to sleep, you either got better or got worse" it is the same with our testimonies and our faith, our faith is either strengthened or weakened! This is why we are given challenges and difficulties!
Not super interesting things to tell you this week, we are out here teaching the gospel and working hard, this sector has really really really progressed in the last 8 weeks, it is so awesome to see and it is truly a blessing! This week we also had zone conference with the mission and president Obeso and his wife spake and the APs and it was really good and motivating, this mission is awesome, the best mission in the world for sure! The work is progressing and it is so awesome to see! I am so proud and happy to be a missionary, It i such a short time in my life to be a missionary, 2 years isnt very long! So I am most definitley enjoying it while i can, it is so awesome to be 100 percent dedicated to the work and to the Lord, that is why we are here! 
I really loved all a lot of things in conference, but two different talks really stood out to me.......
1) Elder Holland gave a talk and Christ and mothers! Wow, I just want to say how thankful and blessed i am for my mommy! She is the kindest person ever and is always leading by example, I am so very thankful for her, she has done so much for me and his been so supportive of me no matter what i am doing! SOOO LOVE YOU MOM! 
2) Also I forgot who gave it but it was about how we should "ponderize" Which means to study and kinda memorize a scripture once a week, put it up in your house somewhere and do it, how awesome would that be! Lets try and do it for 2 years? who's in? That would be sweet i hope you all do it! 
We are so lucky to have the wonderful leaders in this church who have been called by God, The world is changing and the standards are different everyday but in the End it doesn't matter, live your faith and be an example! These callings and commandments have come by God, Not by man! Man cant change that! 
I a so blessed to be apart of this church an be where i am today in Valdivia Chile! Thanks for all of those who support me! I love you all!
Everything in here in Chile is awesome, I love it!! Thanks for the support! Keep the faith:)
Love Elder Wertnerrrrrrrrrrrrrr:)