Justin will be spending the next two years serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He will be serving in the Chile, Osorno mission and teaching the people of Osorno the gospel. He will spend two months in Mexico City at the Missionary Training Center learning Spanish and being trained as a missionary. In mid August he will leave Mexico and head to Chile. We will be using this blog to post weekly emails and pictures from Justin and to keep you all updated on Justin's adventures in Chile!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

"I Just Love My Savior So Much"

Justin and the other Elders in front of the Mexico City Temple

Okay well first off I just want to say Happy Birthday Lauren! I cant believe you're already 14! stay away from boys..... I remember back in the day when it was just me lauren and max all hanging out! Also Happy 4th everyone! In the MTC they gave us cheeseburgers and nachos and stuff for the 4th so it was cool of them!
Alright so there has been so much that has happened this last week, I cant even believe it! The first two days were really slow and the longest days of my life but now it has gone by so fast! Thursday we had a lot of meetings and stuff and that was a long day but My companion is awesome..... His name is Elder Thomas and he is a real cool guy and we have a lot of fun, hes from Mesa Arizona! Also My district is so awesome, I love these guys they're my best friends already! Elder Rollins and Elder Asay are really cool guys! Elder Asay was a walk on for BYU basketball scout team so its really cool to talk with him! Also there is Elder Broddock and Elder Griffin! They are so fun and we have a blast!
Thursday Night I taught my first "Investigator" in spanish....... and ill tell you what, it has gotten so much better everyday after that! I feel like I have learned the most I have ever learned in one week, I pray, Bear my testimony, Speak to people and have discussions with them all in spanish! its unbelievable! I will tell you right now it is not me, it is the LORD! I know that if I work my hardest and try my best the Lord will bless me and the spirit will guide me! The gift of tongues is real! Everything I say is because of it! Friday and Saturday was the same thing we have lessons from a super awesome teacher from Mexico who is a really funny guy! and then eat food and study and teach! hahaha repetition repition!!! It is really cool! Then Sundays are the best days, We have district meeting, priesthood meeting, sacrament meeting and study and then we have devotions and Sunday nights we get to watch a movie (hahahha well a church movie). after that on Sunday we had a super awesome devotional with out district and it was so good! people were crying and the spirit was strong and everything that was being said was so true! It was all about Jesus Christ and I just Love my savior so much, to think about all he has done for us is just amazing! He thought about each one of us as he was taking upon the sins of the world, unbelievable!
Whenever I think I might be having a tough time I think of my savior and so should you all, He did it all and he knows what we are going through! Whatever it is, through christ, we can be strengthened!
Okay so monday was good, we start getting into a routine! we teach our investigator Daniel at night and we are doing awesome! we do better each time, it is so weird to think that last week I knew like barley anything in spanish but through the lord I am able to understand and speak to other people! how crazy is that???!!
Well Tuesday and Wednesday were the same, we play ball over here and the guys from utah that don't even play are ballers, they just got that utah gene in them I guess huh? but its fun! its nothing intense, I hit a couple threes and people realized I play a little on my free time? hahaha totally kidding but it was a blast! 
Today has been fun, first P-day and we went to the temple! but the temple is like closed right now cause they're fixing stuff but The temple in Mexico is so pretty!!! I love it! and their visitor center is so nice! Its Huge!
Hahahha when Jake would tell me everything is so cheap in Mexico its so true! Things that would be so expensive in the U.S. are so inexpensive here! 
Every morning I wake up and am just liked dang, Im in a different country! Im in mexico! hahaha its so weird! oh ya it rains everynight here, I thought it was going to be hot but the weather is awesome! oh and I see Kristen Warren everyday! and I was wondering can someone find out when Garrett gets here? I want to know! The food here is hit and miss though! but it can be really really good sometimes! oh and for breakfast they have zucaritas (Those are frosted Flakes chad and avery!!!) so im very happy! Hey well I hope Alyssa is still doing the blog! But I just wanna say how much I love you guys and am thinking about you constantly! There is no where I would rather be and need to be in my life then right now, I know I am going on a mission to Chile for a purpose and thats where i need to be! Everyone who is thinking about going, you should! The first couple days of the MTC can be a little scary not gonna lie! but you will adjust and love it!!!
Oh yeah also there are 12 guys going to the Chile Osorno mission here!! It's so awesome all of the guys are the coolest, most spititual guys ever! 
The MTC here is super nice too! it is a huge,beautiful campus!! We have had a lot of spiritual times as a district and a lot of laughs! I miss yall a ton! but I know you all are doing so great! Don't be scared to write me:)

"And now, my beloved bretheren, and also jew, and all ye ends of the earth, hearken unto these words and believe in christ; and if you believe not in these words believe in christ, and if ye shall believe in christ ye will believe in these words, for they are the words of christ, and he hath given them unto me; and they teach all men that they should do good."- 2 nephi 33:10 
This scripture is awesome and i hope you all take it to heart like i have!!
I love you all and am praying for all of you!! 
Love Elder Wertner!

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