Justin will be spending the next two years serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He will be serving in the Chile, Osorno mission and teaching the people of Osorno the gospel. He will spend two months in Mexico City at the Missionary Training Center learning Spanish and being trained as a missionary. In mid August he will leave Mexico and head to Chile. We will be using this blog to post weekly emails and pictures from Justin and to keep you all updated on Justin's adventures in Chile!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week #4!

Hey Fam and friends! 
Another week has gone by i cant believe it but it has already! It has been good here at the MTC, besides the fact that i feel like i have been here for like 6 months..... hahahaha! Also mom, nana and alyssa dont worry, but i was sick on Sunday and monday! I had a really bad stomach virus, me and elder griffin got it pretty bad for a day or two, it started on sunday night and then all monday me and elder griffin just laid in bed, well and also about 150 other people at the MTC did as well, and there was some people who had it a lot worse. Being sick was the worst here tho, there was nothing to do we just laid there and slept and talked about how our stomachs hurt, but no worries we are all better now:)
Here at the MTC we have been dooing a lot of the same stuff, classes, classes, and some classes but we are learning a lot and i feel like my testimony has grown a lot and spanish is getting better everyday! I say my prayers in spanish without even really thinking and when i go to bed at night its just a bunch of phrases and words just run through my head, which is good..... I feel like i am getting better everyday, I am truly being blessed by the LORD and by all of your prayers so thanks so much Y'all. HEY also i ran into gubernick, yeah i knew he was from IRVINE cause that name isnt to common, but he is serving in Mexico and wow guys no one told me but i guess his dad served in Osorno Chile! who knew? thats awesome!
We had another great sunday here, sunday night i started feeling sick but before we watched meet the mormons and it was awesome, hahahha it was kinda like a real movie so we were all super stoked! It was awesome, it is a really good movie and that song by David Archuleta that was playing was some fire!! Also the director of all the MTC came and spoke to us, he showed us all the different MTC around the world and it was really cool. It made me realize just how nice this one is! The mexico MTC is supper nice and its pretty big so i am glad i am here!
I told all of yall about TRC where we teach like real life people who come in on wednesday, they were both members from mexico CITY but it was still so awesome, my sentences started to flow a lot better without translating as much and it was awesome, the spirit was so strong! I loved it! 
Not having my phone is kinda awesome, it is so so so awesome to be walking home at night or in the day just walking around and being able to see all the beautiful things that have been created on this earth. The moon is so beautiful at night and i just love it! Also on tuesday i think it was, thye sun was just like blasting threw the clouds and it was one of the most beautiful things I have seen! So my challenge for yall this week is to put your phone aside, put whatever it is aside and enjoy the beauty it is so awesome! Also I just got a haircut! they cut it shorter and it feels nice, hahahhaha they dont even ask us the way we want it, they just do it the same for everyone! 
This week I have really been thinking how grateful I am for the examples in my life! My dad is a stud and is one of my biggest role models, my cousins are all studs! my sisters mom aunts and uncles and my friends are so good to me!! I was really thinking about my Brother and how i grateful I am for his example, he has always been a great guy to me and a great example of someone i want to be like when i am older so thanks Jakey poo!!! 
Everything is good here though, there isnt much to say cause it all is kinda the same stuff, but we are working hard and having a good time! My district is awesome so it is going well, I am very blessed to be in this district! Kinda sad though that only half of us from our district are going to chile, but it is all still good!!
I say this every week but i pray for you each individually every day! I am so thankful for all of your support! I love you all and miss you guys!!! Thanks for being the best!
Love Elder Wertner

I am gonna try and attach a video of me dunking i hiope it wokrs this time, if it doesnt weel ill show yall in 2 years but i was putting it threw my legs! So i still got it hahaha:)

Me and Elder Griffin after we got fresh chops!

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