Justin will be spending the next two years serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. He will be serving in the Chile, Osorno mission and teaching the people of Osorno the gospel. He will spend two months in Mexico City at the Missionary Training Center learning Spanish and being trained as a missionary. In mid August he will leave Mexico and head to Chile. We will be using this blog to post weekly emails and pictures from Justin and to keep you all updated on Justin's adventures in Chile!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 28, 2015 Letter!

Hey fam!!!!! and friends!!!!!
Hope yall are well! this week was awesome! so many blessings from the lord with our investigators. We have had a couple lessons with juan and his wife and grandson and they are awesome, they are really nice family and are just understanding things more every day! they came to church as well and really liked it so its really cool that they are progressing and we are working for that baptismal date, because that is the first step in this church is baptism! So many wonderful wonderful blessings come after we follow tha example of the savior and are baptized by imersion, we recieve the gift of the holy ghost! how awesome is that? Then so many wonderful things follow! They are really doing well and the Lord is blessings us forsure!
Also this week we had some lessons with jose and carmen and one was at a members house and we were praying for what members could help us and we just found the perfect members that get along with them so well it was awesome! The lesson was about plan of salvation and we watched a video of jesus christ where the spirit was so strong in the room it was such a great feeling! I just love feeling tha spirit so strongly, reminds me of the good ole priest qurorm days! (For you priests reading this! Take advantage of it, you guys are way lucky you have no idea! those leaders we have are some of the best!!!!) No worries dahl i got your back. 
But in the lesson with jose and carmen it was so perfect cause the members and them got along so well and jose didnt have glasses and the miembro gave him his pair, sweeeeetttt! also they came to church and said they wanted to bring their grandaughter, so that was pretty cool! 
also for some reason this week everyone has just feeding us so much food, just like giving us bags of bread, empanadas, a box of cookies, a legit box! so that was sweet! But this week has been so great! its funny sometimes little bad things happen, but its like the light takes over the darkness, you cant remember the bad at all! The blessings of the Lord are so awesome!
Also we go a new person in our house whos from utah and in training and hes cool, but its just weird that i am not he youngest person in the mission now so weird! hahaha but i still got a lot of time and a lot of work to do! We are working hard out here, sure its tough sometimes, but thats life! Nothing is better and more beneficial then this gospel and following the example of our savior! I hope you all tune in and watch conference this week, member or nonmember! what ever you are going through, you will recieve your answer through conference! 
Thanks for everything yall! you guys are awesome!
As my dear older brother would say "Im livin the dream"- Jake Wertner
Love Elder Wertner

P.S. today me and elder cleverly went down by the river and there were wallrusses (no se how to spell this but yall know what i mean)

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